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Netanyahu’s countdown is a popular word

Netanyahu's countdown is a popular word

Several scenarios illustrate the inability to form a government and solve the political impasse, but mathematical possibilities have become impossible due to ideological or personal contradictions.

On April 5, President Reuven Rivlin will nominate the politician he is calling to form the government. The fourth elections that took place on Tuesday in two years, as is well known, resulted in a stalemate in Israel once again, and neither the far-right religious bloc behind Benjamin Netanyahu nor the diverse coalition seeking to replace the prime minister won a minimum of 61 seats. What is required to form the government without authorization from Raem 4. Moreover, there are additional “beauty flaws” on both sides.
In the space close to Netanyahu, the moderate, secular right-wing parties are worried about religious Kahanists, extremists and homosexuals, while the participation of Arab parties in the unified list, not just Raam, is unacceptable to others. This mainly ideological and political contradiction is exacerbated by the difficulties arising from personal ambitions. At the moment, negotiations are in full swing on both sides, and the Israeli press has already listed several options, most of them mathematical, to form a government, but so far there is no scenario that goes beyond the level of mathematics. Netanyahu’s communications took a drastic turn in the election campaign, as the prime minister, disturbed by a corruption court trial and entrusted with forming his sixth government, first discovered the Israeli Arab minority and devoted much effort to winning it. . Netanyahu and Likud also campaigned in Arabic, while in the previous elections they rioted with the rise of Arab parties to the government, in an attempt to reduce the chances of a unified opposition camp still led by Bani Gang. The disintegration of the unified list, which brings together the Arab parties, and the secession of al-Raam, led by Mansour Abbas, are largely due to the background of Netanyahu’s work. All along, Ram did not rule out the possibility of supporting Netanyahu when needed. Abbas is not ashamed of this prospect now, but he enters into a joint alliance with religious, anti-Arab Zionists. It is true that the opposite is also true, but at the same time, the leader of the Secular National Religious Society, Naftali Bennett, who also holds a key position, insists on his position that he is willing to rule only with the Jewish parties. In the prime minister’s camp, it is now increasingly evident that, unlike the Joint List, Ram does not question the existence of the State of Israel, paving the way for potential cooperation, which, however, still appears theoretically more likely due to indicated ideological differences. Serious differences of opinion from the other side must also be bridged. In addition to the role of the Arab parties, it is difficult to imagine the National Religious Association’s cooperation, or the new hope, led by Netanyahu’s former rival within the party, led by the former Netanyahu party and the radical left-wing Merck. The two TV channels that play a major role in Israel, 12 and 13, respectively, have provided a theoretical but supposedly nascent alternative temporarily. This will be a rotating “national healing government” for a year on the basis of the cooperation of the first force of the opposition, Jesse Atid and its leader, Jair Lapid, and Netanyahu’s former ally, Naftali Bennett, which will be formed for a period of only one year in order to carry out those tasks – such as approving the budget that is left behind In the political crisis that lasted more than two years, Netanyahu was finally sweeping from the top of politics. Bibi’s corruption case could end within a year, and if he is found guilty and has every chance to do so, he will not be able to form a government. During this time, the parliamentary majority could also pass a long-awaited law that prohibits lawmakers subject to criminal proceedings from taking over as prime minister and preparing for the fifth election, now without Netanyahu. This possibility, in which the Arab parties are considered outside parliamentary supporters, is greatly hampered by Lapid and Bennett’s personal ambitions, and it is also doubtful that Bennett and Gideon Sarah, the leader of the New Hope, will also accept external support for the Arab parties. . Channel 13 knows that one of the main obstacles to an agreement between Lapid and Bennett is which of them will be the first to hold the position of prime minister in the rotating transitional government. The two sides still have 8 days to negotiate until April 5, and it cannot be ruled out that Netanyahu will also succeed in seducing the new hope by promising to rule the rotation, although Sarar has already rejected this opportunity, indicating that he was so. Also last year, Benny Ganco provoked him by Netanyahu and then responded early, except that he was not obliged to hand over the ruling to his partner.

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