NB III: "I'm going home already!"  - Janus Shank from his sick bed

NB III: “I’m going home already!” – Janus Shank from his sick bed

Although János Csank’s condition has improved a lot, he is still receiving treatment at Vác Hospital. As we wrote, the body of the former Federal Captain was attacked by the Coronavirus as well, and when his strong and stiff body was also in trouble, the professional director of NB III Vác was rushed to the hospital. After several players fell ill, Vác FC Champion – Hódmezővásásárhely was postponed.

János Csank feels much better (Photo: Attila Török, Archive)


“Fortunately I’m much better, I’ll be home already The 74-year-old specialist said at our request. “Although I thought they would be discharged from the hospital, they are still on the recommendation of the doctor.” I can be in a quad room, and while not allowing a lot of movement, we also feel from the inside that the number of people coming and going is increasing, which means that the number of people who need medical care is increasing. I lost a lot of weight, and since I didn’t have much fat anyway, I lost pounds of my muscles, so there would be something to compensate for if I got out. Surrounded by knowledgeable doctors and great nurses, the only confusion is that I can only see everyone in the “spacesuit,” even nurses.

Janus Ssank knows that a lot of people are pushing and praying for him, and he has said that love is one of the best remedies for these tough days.

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