NB II: The former national team striker has ended up in Kaposvar

NB II: The former national team striker has ended up in Kaposvar

Advertise The arrival of 32-year-old former national team striker, Balázs Farkas, Kapóvár Rákóczi in NB II soccer. The player previously formed his new team on Wednesday in the Cup match against Talia.

Balázs Farkas continues in Kaposvár (Photo: Gábor Cseh / Vas Népe – Photo Archive)

With Balaz Farkas Kaposvár entered into a half-year option contract. Although Somogy had just announced the striker’s confirmation, the player had already introduced his new team in the Hungary Cup (5-3) match against Tállya on Wednesday, playing 65 minutes as a rookie.


During his career, the 32-year-old has performed in Nyiregyhaza, Vidyuton, Debrecen, Gere, Palmazogvaros, MTK, ZTE and Suroksar, and played the role of Legion in Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine. A year ago, in early February 2020, he received an NB II Progress Certificate, entering the field with only nine champions in total.

He has previously played for Hungary three times, in 2006 against Canada, and in 2007 against Latvia and Montenegro. He also became an NB I Champion with Debrecen and Győr’s ETO.

Last time I played in Szombathely, where I got signed when the club was resisting relegation – said Puga Farkas on the club’s website. – I managed to stay, so I extended my contract. Then in the fall I was only able to play due to injury, which is why I switched. Sadly, a recurring drive for my career is injury, but when I’m healthy, I can benefit from Team NB II. I was glad that the request of Rákóczi, Péter Várhidi’s person, also played a crucial role in choosing Kaposvár. I am confident we are heading in the right direction and a good sequel to club life will follow. Fifteen other leagues left, we’ll do our best to win matches and not have to look at the streak. “

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Outside the wolf Transferred by Somogy Club Most recently he played football at Mol Fehérvár II Daoud Zvolin Who is the footballer who adheres to the “youth rule”. The 19-year-old midfielder committed himself to Caposphar for a year.

Winter player movement in Kaposphorus Cancer
Access: Bartos Julian (Sieglid), Marton Banky (FTC on loan), Bedzielia Anton (Ukrainian, MTK Budapest – on loan, most recently Békéscsaba, on loan), Gabor Dvorshak (ETO FC Győr), Balsa fracas (Progress), Kasaba Lakatos (Kesvarda), David Zollomy (Fahirvar 2nd Mall), Zirai Martin (Babal Beirutz)
Departing: kos Barbély (Szexzard), Marc Bunye (Nagiatad), Earth boutond (Mezőkövesd – return on loan), Laszlo Lucky (?), Rabel Godzag, Jeff Tillman (Ukrainian-Hungarian?), Daniel Tratnick (Szexzard), Laszlo Vargas (Mezőkövesd – return on loan), Zoltan Vargas (Mezőkövesd – on loan, from there BFC Siófok – on loan)

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