NB I Certificate (Part One) - How Long Can Kisvárda Squeeze Fradi?

NB I Certificate (Part One) – How Long Can Kisvárda Squeeze Fradi?

After the fall season ends, we look back at the semester in a two-part series. Among other things, we are looking for the answer: What caused the downfall of Sturge? Why was Révész drugged in Kisvárda? And why did Attila Pinter have to leave Mizokovsd?


The dots fell like flies around the fall

There is a club that does not have as many events in ten years as this year in the Hungarian football show team, Frada. After the summer of Serhiy Rebrov, in fact, a hitherto incomprehensible departure (three championship titles in three years, as well as the main table in the European League and the Champions League), the captain’s wand fell into the hands of Austrian Peter Stoeger. Led by the former manager of Borussia Dortmund and FC Cologne, among others, the team initially took the BL qualifiers with confidence (3-0 and 3-1 against Pristina in Kosovo, 2-0 and 3-1 against Zalgiris in Lithuania). -1), but in the first tournament, the Hungarian slap against Kisvarda (1-2; who guessed at the time that the cross-country team would be the surprise team in the league?) And he has already indicated: this fall will not be a picnic on Ülli út. After a brilliant success against Slavia, the problems seemed to be forgotten, but in the meantime, one of the most successful strikers, Frank Pauly, managed to dust off the dust (although he left for his wedding in Paris without permission from Cote d’Ivoire). In the outside match, he defiantly cut a double, but the Swiss never made it to the main pool table in the end. The biggest EL group remained, but in the meantime points in the championship fell like fall flies in mid-September. After all, the dim ziti at that time took the three points away from Ülli út (2-1), just as MTK, who underwent a coach change, did not leave Groupama with a loss (0-0), and here we note: Serhiy Rebrov has only one and he The team that lost at home (0-1 against DVTK). Meanwhile, the Europa League points didn’t come in either, so a run of four wins slipped by the end of the tournament (no goals scored) the Finn was sent off with his feet.

The biggest feeling about Stöger was that he didn’t really realize that he was running the most popular club in Hungary.

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In any case, the new master, Stanislav Cherchesov, will have enough to do during the spring season …


Change of coach after anesthesia or – what is the value of a local diamond?

Knowing the events of the fall, we can now say with a calm heart: the sporting director of the club, Attila Reeves, made the fans sleep sweetly in the summer! After all, before the tournament, the Ordae leader said Attila Supka had the best result in Kisvárda history (5th place) because the goal in the future is to build as many self-taught youngsters into the team – even if it does hurt efficiency. What happened instead? And instead of Sobka, the Portuguese Joao Janeiro arrived, who was expelled from Sigd, and the number of foreign footballers did not decrease significantly, as the Brazilian Fernando Viana and Sassa, the Romanian Cornel Ein and Mihi Minka left, but the Albanian Jacir Asani, the Bosnian Yasmine. Mesanovic and Roman Ionut Andrei Peteleu. The Bumbá family had only started with a five-set win in six rounds (they only came out at Székesfehérvár), and they had to take it more and more seriously. The big rally was noticed outside our borders: just before the Hungarian match against Ferencvaros, Janeiro asked his superiors for family reasons (according to the news, although there is no Portuguese-speaking school in Kisvarda) he signed up for the DAC.

Reeves did not hide a secret from him: the departure of his discoverer was a blow to him,

But that’s how Kisvarda did so well! After all, they came across a local diamond, Gábor Erős, who had been fluent in the club and fluent in four languages ​​since 2014, and he didn’t hesitate: he collected 11 points in five matches with the team. A great newcomer deserves more confidence: in the spring, a young specialist will be able to run Kisvárda!

Venice Academy

All is nice, all is good – just bucks won’t be!

Zsolt Hornyák’s greatest advantage is that he has formed a very stable squad at Felcsút for years, which is evidenced by the fact that he finished third with the team last year and, at the end of the previous cycle, broke into the middle of the league this year (he will be substituted for the home match against Fradi At the end of January), Baluta can look forward to spring in a positive light, mainly due to their impressive away performance (five wins, three draws, one defeat). It’s also indisputable that more and more young Hungarians are claiming a spot at the start (after تشاapa Spandler and Laszlo Deutsch, György Komarumi is now a stable member of the team), and it’s also remarkable that they are bringing so much talent to the surface. (Years ago, Pallas Tooth ousted Laios Hegedos, a member of the national team, and also reached the gates of the national team, and after his injury, Tamas Marek had the opportunity to award one of the best goalkeepers in the national team season.) Competitors include Paks. The people of Tolna have been the biggest mummies in PAFC for years, suffice it to say: Bognar has won four of the past five champions, the goal difference is 22-9 – there…

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Fahrvar Mall

It’s a shame to start playing outside

When Imre Szabics wasn’t in a funny mood on April 1 (Fehérvár’s leaders decided to switch, as Vidi was pretty deteriorated under Gábor Márton, but that would be a huge mistake in the neck of the specialist now at MTK). seamstress) took over the management of the professional business (not at all: joined by two club legends, Roland Juhász and Sándor Torghelle), without announcing the goal was to fight an open battle for the championship with Ferencvaros this season. After that, it was a big cold shower for the leaders, the fans and of course the players that Armin Yerevan bid farewell to in the first round of qualifying for the Conference League,

This failure also replaced Zoltan Kovacs, the sporting director.

After such a sad start, the tournament did not go exactly as planned in Sekisfervar, the team scored only two points in the first three rounds, and such unexpected failures “colored” the fall as the defeat to Ogbest, which was still going at once (0 -1) Or just a draw against rookie Germot (1-1). What can be built upon, however, is the Hungarian performance: Kodrós conjured a real cave lion from the MOL Arena Sóstó: they won seven of their 9 matches, and only the second-placed “brother team”, Puskas Academy, was able to leave with a draw (1 -1). Fehrvar’s heartache: Fede suffered the only Hungarian defeat to Ferencvaros (0-1)…

Zalaegerszeg TE

By roller coaster

Zete is the best example: participants in the 12-team NB I (excluding Ferencváros and MOL Fehárvár) sit on an imaginary rollercoaster: they are in danger of two or three defeats and fall off the podium after two or three defeats. Obviously, ZTE coach Robert Waltner, Who managed to keep the team ahead last year can tell us a lot about it, but this psychological advantage was not enough to start as planned. The equalizer with Fehérvár can still be considered successful, but then nothing wanted to come together, as they say, the ball bounced off the goalpost. The low point was 2-5 in front of the Bucks at home, after which the manager received an ultimatum: If he doesn’t win against MTK, he’s flying! According to the news, the leaders almost agreed with Zoltán Aczél, but in addition to the Zala legend (as a player Waltner was a member of Zete’s only leading team to date, and even won the ZTE title as a ZTE player), footballers won three races, one after another. And though he slipped 0-8 to Kisvarda and Fehrvar afterwards, he managed to make his autumn poetry unforgettable: five games, 9 points, unbeaten. But given the events of autumn, you should not sit in Zalaegerszeg for a minute!

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Attila Pinter felt lost…

Last year, Attila Pinter saved the team from relegation, which is why everyone truly believed in Covid: the team can only advance from eighth place. Well, that’s not what happened: the ex-federal captain was already upset with some of his players after the defeat to MTK (during the break of this match, the national team Tamás Cseri replaced the talented Daniel Farkas and Antonio Vutov), ​​and then it is added at the end of the match: the players leave the club un Willing to do anything to succeed – or he is. Well, Pintér may have guessed something, because they thanked him for his work right after he failed against his former team, Puskas Academy. The new manager, Attila Sobka, has brought stability as usual, and although he has slipped three defeats in the last four champions of the season, he is in sixth place thanks to 14 points in nine games….

Opening photo: Kisvarda refuses to part with Ferencváros Photo: MTI / Zsolt Czeglédi

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