Navalny sympathizers prepare for the largest anti-Russian protest ever

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Sympathizers of Alexei Navalny announced Tuesday that they are preparing for the largest anti-government street demonstration in modern Russia this spring. By doing this, I want to force the release of a jailed opposition politician. In the winter, three street demonstrations were held for Navalny’s release, but Russian authorities said they were illegal and disbanded them by force.

Navalny last time He reported on himself a week ago From Pokrov’s repair shop, followed by The Pussy Riot members were sentenced to house arrestTo support the man.

Navalny is seen in front of associated policemen in his office building on December 26, 2019.Photo: Dimitar Delkov / AFP

Today, Navalny sympathizers launched a new political campaign alongside a website called Free Navalniy, announcing that if at least half a million people were registered to take part in another nationwide protest, they would announce the date.

“With 500,000 participants, this will be the largest demonstration in modern Russia.”

Said Ivan Zhdanov, president of the Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Navalny’s allies are trying to encourage the Russians to “vote smart” because that is the only way to replace Putin’s party in September. According to Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s chief of staff, this is not Putin’s greatest enemy, but rather indifference and indifference. Volkov encourages people to register and mark the map where they will take part in the protest. Within a few hours, more than 60,000 people reported returning.

The organizers also said they want a peaceful demonstration. (Reuters)


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