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Navalny is woken up every morning at five o'clock to a Russian patriotic song in prison

Navalny is woken up every morning at five o'clock to a Russian patriotic song in prison

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny revealed this week that his morning routine in one of Russia's highest-security prisons near the Arctic Circle is to wake up at 5 a.m. to the playing of the Russian national anthem, followed by a patriotic song from a supporter. Putin Russian pop singer – Reuters reports.

Navalny was sentenced in 2021, and after his imprisonment he was sentenced to years in several proceedings, so according to the current situation, he can expect a prison sentence of at least 74 years. At the end of December, the former opposition leader was sent to a concentration camp that had previously been part of the penal camps that operated during the Stalinist era.

In early January, he said, “it is almost impossible to get to this camp; It's almost impossible to even send an email here. “This is the highest possible level of isolation from the world.” In prison, he is placed in solitary confinement for every little thing, his lawyer According to your information And now he's sitting there precisely because he “inappropriately introduced himself” to the guard.

The last time Navalny was able to send messages to the public through his allies on . this:

The 32-year-old shaman, whose civilian name is Yaroslav Dronov, is the Kremlin's favorite pop star, who is also openly campaigning for Putin's presidential candidacy. He appeared on a talent show 10 years ago, but became known mostly after the Russian attack on Ukraine. His first major national hit was “I'm Russian”, followed by “Russia”, “Most Russian Hit”, and “Mein Kampf”. Shaman regularly performs not only in Russia, but also in annexed eastern Ukraine, and the music video for “Harcom” shows images of what is believed to be a concert in eastern Ukraine, and Russian soldiers on tanks decorated with the letters Z and V. We wrote more about the song And why is it not a good idea to translate its title into German here?

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Navalny wrote sarcastically on X:

“Shaman became famous when I was in prison, so I couldn't see him or listen to his music. But I knew that he had become Putin's favorite singer, and I also heard about his hit song 'I am Russian'. Of course I was very curious about it, but where could I listen to it? Then they took me to Yamal, and every morning since then I have heard the command: “Get up!” Then comes the Russian national anthem, and immediately after that the second most important song of Russia, “I am Russian.”

According to Navalny, it is very funny that Russian propaganda accused him of marching with Russian nationalists a few years ago, and now, years later, he is forced to listen to ultra-nationalist pop songs in prison for educational purposes. “To be honest, I'm still not sure I understand what post-irony and meta-irony are. But if that's not it, then what is?” Navalny wrote.

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