National team: I am looking forward to double my goals - Lang

National team: I am looking forward to double my goals – Lang

They are preparing for a convincing match and they want to achieve their second goal in the national team, defender of the Hungarian national football team, Udam Lang, said before the World Cup qualifier against San Marino on Friday.

Ádám Lang (up front) wants to score his second goal in the national team (Photo: Attila Török)


Almost everyone is talking about a mandatory victory in the match against San Marino. The players also think that only the goal difference is the question, or are they nonetheless, no matter how, just leave the three points?
Our goal is clear: we will outsmart our opponents with convincing and controlling play! – The 28-year-old Hungarian national team defender answered a question about the national sport in the press conference that preceded the World Championship qualifiers on Friday evening, Adam Adam We discussed carefully what we need to do in order to win with a good performance. If there is no problem with concentration, if we focus one hundred percent on defeating San Marino, then there will be no doubt about the outcome of the match. However, to do that we really need to focus as much as possible on the task before us and, of course, have the courage to play football with courage.

– He scored one goal in the national team in its forty-three matches so far, about five days ago, on the thirteenth day of November in the year two thousand and sixteen. Remember that as a defender against a powerhouse opponent like Andorra, you could ease into a goal or two?
“I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to doubling my goals.” In fact, in a match where we can play with superiority and in which we can certainly take more corner kicks and free kicks than the average, there may be more opportunities for defenders to score goals. Since I kicked the first only five years ago, it would be nice if the second came now – I’m waiting to find her at the gate again, believe me.

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After the lead practically slipped away, what drove the team in the remaining two World Cup qualifiers, did they score a goal for each other in the match against San Marino and Poland?
Everyone is a kind of competitor, all frame members are controlled to come up with a production worthy of the coat of arms. Obviously, the result is also very important. We are having different matches. We have to get through the first half against San Marino with an entertaining game. It is an envelope in which we will have a much more difficult time in Warsaw on Monday. But let’s take a look at the good side of it too: as we face an excellent national team again, we can prove once again that we can play well against strong teams. At the same time, we need to make sure that we always focus on one task. We have to go step by step if we skip the first match, we can just switch our brains to the next match. I am sure we will finish the qualifying series well. We can actually use these two meetings to build with the future in mind, and “knead” into a better team. Our framework is made up of great people anyway and the professional staff is able to discuss everything, including any issues. And what do we want to achieve in the last two games of the year? To deliver a performance that we and our fans are happy with.

Hungarian Chosen Framework for November

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goalkeepers: Bogdan Adam ( Ferencvaros ), Dibusz Denes ( Ferencvaros ), Peter Szappanos (B.B. Honvéd)
Defenders: Balog Buttond (Parma – Italy), Potka Indri ( Ferencvaros ), Attila bottle (Fervar FC Mall), Ákos Kecskés (FK Nizhny Novgorod – Russia), Adam Adam (Omonia – Cyperus), Zolt Nagy (Puskas Academy), Chappa Spandler (Puskas Academy), Attila Szalay (Fenerbahce – Turkey)
Midfielders: Rich Daniel (Philadelphia Union – United States), Big Adam (Pisa – Italy), Loic Nego (Fervar FC Mall), Andras Schaeffer (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia), Dominic Zuboszlai (RB Leipzig – Germany), Balint Fixy Follow Favorite
Attackers: Janus Han (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia), tamas bag (SC Cambuur – Hollandia), Czabulex Shun (FC Dallas – United States), Adam Salai (Mainz – Germany), farga kevin (Qasim Pasha – Turkey)

Round 9
Friday 12 November
20.45: Hungary-San Marino
20.45: Andorra and Poland
20.45: England and Albania

round 10
Monday 15 November
20.45: San Marino Anglia
20.45: Albania Andorra

Group I case.
1. Anglia 8 6 2 24-3 +21 20
2. Poland 8 5 2 1 25-8 +17 17
3. Albania 8 5 3 7-11 +4 15
4. Hungary 8 3 2 3 13-12 +1 11
5. Andorra 8 2 6 7-19 -12 6
6. San Marino 8 8 1–32 –31 0

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