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National Assembly elections: Le Pen's party wins landslide victory, Macron suffers heavy defeat

National Assembly elections: Le Pen's party wins landslide victory, Macron suffers heavy defeat

According to opinion polls, Marine Le PenThe National Pact and its allies won 34 percent. The left-wing alliance, which began as the New People's Front, came in second with 29 percent. The Egoist electoral formation behind President Emmanuel Macron only reached the third step on the platform with 21.5 percent.

According to Ifop and Fiducial estimates, in the 577-member National Assembly, the National Pact may get 240-270 seats, the New Popular Front 180-200, and the forces that support Macron 60-90. According to Ilabi estimates for BFM TV, the National Movement and its allies could get between 260 and 310 parliamentary seats in the second round scheduled for July 7, while Ipsos predicted between 230 and 280 seats in its forecast commissioned by French television. An absolute majority requires obtaining 289 seats, which only Le Pen's party will obtain according to the Elabe poll when they leave the polling stations.

However, in districts where no candidate received 50% of the vote, a second round will be held on July 7. The current state estimates are based on the results of the first round, but

Due to possible withdrawals, the situation could change significantly for the second round.

According to first estimates, the coalition around Macron entered the second round in 290-330 regions, according to the Ipsos polling institute. Új Népfront continues in 370-410 counties, and national unification in 390-430 counties.

Emmanuel Macron called for extraordinary National Assembly elections on June 9, after his party suffered a heavy defeat in the European Parliament elections.

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The National Assembly elections under the semi-presidential system do not threaten Macron's presidential term, but they could pose major obstacles for him if he is forced to lead the country in a joint contract with another power.

National Assembly elections are held in 577 electoral districts with a purely individual representation system. The mandate is granted to the candidate who obtains the votes of 50% of voters and 25% of registered voters in the first round, or who obtains first place in the second round. In the event of no result in the first round, candidates who obtained at least 12.5 percent can enter the second round.

The first round of the National Assembly elections witnessed an exceptionally high turnout rate of more than 60 percent.

Emmanuel Macron wrote in his post-election announcement,

In the face of national consolidation, the time has come to form a broad Republican and Democratic coalition for the second round.

Gabriel Attal The Prime Minister gave a speech at about 10 pm in which he said:

The extreme right stands at the gates of power,

In the second round like this The goal is to prevent national collapse from obtaining an absolute majority. Therefore, he invited the candidates behind Macron to where they finished third. Step back In favor of a candidate who has a better chance than the National Unification candidate.

National collapse In reality Its leader Marine Le Pen has already been elected in the first round in her Hénin-Beaumont constituency. The party's candidate for the multiple presidency said after the exit polls became public that Macron's camp was “almost wiped out”.

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President of the National Assembly, Jordan Bardella He stated in his victory speech that they considered the New Popular Front their only opponent in the second round, and that the forces behind the president no longer had a chance to win.

Know the results Jean-Luc MelenchonThe leader of the left-wing New People's Front, the largest force in rebellious France, said that if their candidates finished third, they would back down in favor of a more likely non-far-right candidate in order to halt the national collapse. Raphael GlucksmannThe head of the Socialist Party also called on the candidates who ranked third in the New Popular Front to step back in order to stop Le Pen.

The Egoit electoral coalition behind Macron called on its third-placed candidates to back down in favour of candidates capable of defeating the National Pact candidates.

The leader of the Afaq Party, a member of Macron’s electoral formation, said: Edward PhilipHe, who also served as prime minister between 2017 and 2020, said neither the PNU nor France Insoumise candidates should be supported in the second round. At the same time, candidates from the New Popular Front could be supported, he said.

Right-wing conservative Republicans, who ranked fourth, said they would not propose to their voters which candidates they would vote for in the second round.

We have provided the most important information about the French National Assembly elections in this article:

Cover image credit: Cyril Marcelhassy/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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