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NASA published a terrifying video: It's amazing what they filmed in front of the moon

NASA published a terrifying video: It's amazing what they filmed in front of the moon

The Silver Surfer, originally known as the Silver Surfer, is a fictional superhero in Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in the Fantastic Four movie, whose three-part story fans refer to as the Galactus Trilogy, and There will soon be an independent film in theaters.

Our image is an illustration – Image: Pexels

According to the story, a young astronomer lived on a planet far away from Earth called Zenn-La, where he wanted to save his world from the planet-eating Galactus. but now NASA It is believed that it was discovered in one of the pictures taken from the moon. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter sent an image back to Earth A cigar-shaped flying object passes over the moon at a speed of more than 11,000 km/h.

Many UFO believers immediately cried out for the existence of extraterrestrial spaceships, but researchers tried to calm their spirits. According to them The mysterious entity is nothing but another satelliteDanori was launched from South Korea at the end of 2022, which has just crossed the upper orbit of the US spacecraft. They also found an explanation for why it appeared so much larger: the two probes flew in opposite directions, which is why their speed increased. Although the camera's exposure time is only a third of a millisecond, the South Korean spaceship still appears to have stretched ten times its actual size in the photo, he writes. Daily Star.

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