NASA found inexplicable things

Scientists have discovered galaxies that were created just 500-700 years after the Big Bang, Origo reports. However, there is no explanation for their evolution, based on current models of cosmology, these objects should not exist.

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“We have never seen such massive galaxies so early after the Big Bang. The six galaxies just discovered are more than 12 billion years old, formed only 500-700 million years after the Big Bang, and can reach 100 billion times the mass of Our Sun. This is too big to be found in current models. This discovery could change our knowledge about the formation of the first galaxies in our universe, said Ivo Lappi, a fellow at Swinburne Technical University in Austria, about the importance of the study published in the journal Nature, according to Origo.

Of course, there is nothing yet to prove that the objects are in fact galaxies. Research is still underway to reveal their nature, distance and size in more detail, as the researchers also want to get information about the chemical composition of the objects.

NASA recently warned that a huge asteroid is approaching Earth. As we wrote earlier, space rocks passed closer than our satellites and even smashed into the planet’s atmosphere. According to calculations, it was 3,600 km from our planet. Its path continues so that it approaches Earth again every 425 days.

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