NASA Climate Change Project Budget Cut |  Science

NASA Climate Change Project Budget Cut | Science

The new reduced version of the spending package, released October 28, will significantly reduce funding for NASA’s infrastructure and climate change projects, while still not supporting funding for the second Artemis lunar lander.

The House of Representatives published the Rebuilding Better Act Content It’s a $1.75 trillion spending bill, a modified version of the original $3.5 trillion bill, often referred to as a budget adjustment package.

The bill was announced just hours after President Joe Biden announced the revised proposal in a speech at the White House. Bill It includes $750 million for infrastructure development for NASAand $140 million for Earth science research and applications and $220 million for NASA’s aviation program.

In turn, it is part of an original bill approved by the Scientific Committee of the House Committee on September 9 It included $4 billion for NASA’s infrastructure$163 million for Earth science research and $225 million for aviation programs. The previous bill also included $7 million for NASA’s cybersecurity.

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