Nancy Pelosi says she will run for the seat of the House of Representatives again if the Democrats continue to control the House

“Yes, I am,” Pelosi told a CNN reporter on “State of the Union” when asked if she would seek to get the spokesperson again, then added, “Let me also say we have to win the Senate.”

California Democracy made history as the first woman to hold the presidency of the House of Representatives in 2007 when she remained the speaker until 2011 when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives. It was she Re-elected Speaker of Parliament in 2019 as Democrats regain control after the 2018 midterm elections.
On Sunday, Pelosi also addressed the current situation of Coronavirus stimulus negotiations With Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, White House chief negotiator. While the chances of the House of Representatives passing a bill before Election Day seem slim, Pelosi told Taber that she has never lost hope. The proposed language She said testing for the coronavirus remains a sticking point in the talks.

When asked whether she would stick to going ahead with a stimulus bill in the event that Democrats win control of both houses and get a bill closer to what she wants, Pelosi told Tapper that “people need help right away.”

“We want to do that as quickly as possible. I thought the president did it too, and that was part of the influence that each side has because we want an agreement,” she said. “Why talk to each other if we don’t think we can reach an agreement?”

“So, again, it could happen this week in the House of Representatives, but it’s up to (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch (McConnell) whether or not it’s going to happen in the Senate, and go to the President’s office, which is our hope and our prayers,” she continued. .

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This story has been updated with additional comments from Pelosi on the State of the Union.

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