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Nancy Pelosi is running again for Congress
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Nancy Pelosi is running again for Congress

Pelosi, who He turned 83 in MarchHe justified his decision to political activists in his San Francisco constituency on Friday by saying that “our city needs us more than ever to advance San Francisco’s values ​​and recovery.”

In recent months, the American city has faced serious public safety issues and resulting economic hardship.

Pelosi has represented the California metropolitan area for 35 years In the Washington Legislature, where he was first elected Speaker of the House in 2007, and from 2019 to January of this year he also performed the duties of Speaker of the House.

The 83-year-old politician announced his intention to run again when an intense controversy erupted in American politics and public life over the age and suitability of members of the Legislative Council. Age is also a topic in the 2024 presidential campaign, because Regarding the re-election of President Joe Biden, who turns 81, this fall, various polls show that age is the main concern.. A CNN poll was published this week, showing that 73 percent of Americans expressed serious concern about the president’s physical and mental condition, and that 76 percent do not believe that Joe Biden will be able to complete another four-year presidential term.

One of the youngest Republican presidential candidates, Nikki Haley, 51, this week repeated her proposal for a “mental competency test” for older politicians holding public office.. In a television interview, the former South Carolina governor and former ambassador to the United Nations described the US Senate as “the most distinguished nursing home” in the United States.

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