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Mysterious world sunken off the coast of Britain: its inhabitants lost due to a deadly tsunami 8000 years ago – Esotericism

The bridge between Europe and Britain. This is how geological circles define the area of ​​former land that now connects Britain as a separate island and Europe.

The fate of the now submerged world of Doggerland, or Dogger Land, was finally determined 8,200 years ago when it was forever controlled by the depths.

This is how the people of Doggerland lived

The inhabitants of the previous bridge were from the Mesolithic, or Middle Stone Age, who followed a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. As such, they migrated from one region to another after exploiting the potential of their current place of residence.

This is how Dogger Land was located.

They surely watched with unease as the sea level began to gradually rise about 9,000 years ago, dividing their formerly vast lands into smaller islands. The inhabitants of Dogger Land were pushed into these small pieces of land. Although they didn’t know at the time, it was all due to climate change. The last glacial period, the Warm glacier, that is, the melt after the last ice age, led to a rise in sea level.

The story of Dogger Land ended tragically

Unfortunately, the fateful events ended in a bad catastrophe. In the year 8200 a catastrophic disaster occurred, a massive tsunami swept the last tree, then swept and commanded most of the islands of Doggerland that are still below sea level, leaving only a small piece of it on the surface. Thousands of people lost their lives on that tragic day, and others tried to continue their lives in these areas.

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The capabilities of the place of course did not speak forever. Survivors of the archipelago migrated to Britain at arm’s length around 6000 years ago, as keystones important to the culture were laid there. These people were probably among the first to enter British territory.

Discover the sunken world

Science did not suspect the existence of Dogger Land for long, but in 1931, an interesting discovery drew attention to the area: a fishing boat was operating in the damaged part of the North Sea, pulling a horned horn from the depths and then mammoths Lion bones, tools and weapons from the ages were also discovered. Prehistoric.

Mammoth bone from the area.

Mammoth bone from the area.

The remarkable discovery involved exciting research, and although more and more information was discovered over the decades about what was found in the depths, the sunken world was not named until 1990, nearly sixty years later. He was christened in Doggerland because the fishing boats in question were of the Dogger type.

In the footsteps of Atlantis

Canadian researchers found something strange off the coast of Cuba, and it even turned out that they found traces of Atlantis

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