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Mysterious murmuring sounds heard in Northern Ireland | 24. He

Mysterious murmuring sounds heard in Northern Ireland |  24. He

Many locals cannot sleep because of the noise.

We’ve written many times about how strange rumblings have disturbed city life in different parts of the world, and now something very similar is happening in Northern Ireland, as it turns out. IFLScience From his article.

The noise has been heard by a number of people in the Omagh area of ​​County Tyrone over the past few nights, to the point that many have been unable to sleep. No one yet knows the source of the annoying sound, so the local council called in sound experts to investigate the problem.

At first we thought the noise was only in the southeastern part of the city, but as time went on and people started talking to me, it became clear that it was affecting the entire city and there was a possibility that it was seasonal.

– Tell Stephen Donnelly Local politician.

Since the 1970s, rumble has been reported several times in parts of Europe, Australia and North America. One notable example began in 1993, when people in Taos, New Mexico, began complaining of a vague low-frequency hum that was almost vibratory in nature. The so-called Taos rumble has been studied extensively by researchers, but there is still no consensus on its source.

Naturally, there are a lot of theories about what could be behind the hype. Some experts believe that most of the tremor sounds are caused by aircraft, while others believe that they are the rumble of meteorites entering the atmosphere. One recurring theory is that it may have something to do with the very low-frequency radio waves used by the military, but this still cannot be determined with certainty.

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