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“My head has grown from so much sense” – Evelyn Gaspar replies to negative comments one after another

“My head has grown from so much sense” – Evelyn Gaspar replies to negative comments one after another

Gaspar Evelyn He hasn’t given up fighting the negative commenters. While Giuzek’s eldest daughter was teased for her extra kilos, they didn’t let her rest even after her significant weight loss.

“I have a lot of work to do with that skinny body.”

It is rare because it is realThis is what the 29-year-old wrote about her latest sweet pic. His transformation definitely deserves recognition, and he doesn’t leave the haters’ comments unspoken!

Well, that was totally gnome. A skinny little body under a giant head, that’s what I seesaid one commenter.

Thank God! I have a lot of work and endurance in that little slender body, which you can’t even imagine! My head has grown over the years with a lot of brains

Evelyn replied sharply.

Thinness or skinnyness does not suit you– wrote another TV2 Academy trainee who also did not leave him unanswered:
I accept your opinion, but I feel as good as this now!

There were also dissatisfied with the location of the photo:
in the bathroom?!The commentator who was also looking for lumps in his poop exploded.
Yes, it is a new wave trend“- Agent Flu also sorted it out.

My father used to scold animals

Evelyn used to be for metropol to explain What do you think of the negative commentsAbout commenters:

Those who hurt the most. If someone is okay with themselves and sees my picture, they will keep spinning whether they like it or not. Now they are not pestering me for extra pounds, but for my breasts, for example. Of course, if you had plastic surgery, that would be the problem. I honestly don’t care anymore, I just want to please myself, and I’d be glad if I could Motivate others For a healthy lifestyle and training.

Behind him, he says, is 15 years of hard work. He diets, goes for body treatments, and of course, exercises regularly. In all of this, her parents, Giusey and Bey, support her:

Now they expect me to go to training!

My father would scold me if I gained weight again!

Also, training changes me mentally and improves my endurance. A lot of times, I don’t want to go, I know it’s going to hurt, and I’m going to have muscle fever afterward. However, I’m just doing it for him. I recently started boxing, although I was too lazy to do cardio.

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