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“My dear wife, you already know me, and be very careful even if you go out I’ll find you anyway!”

"My dear wife, you already know me, and be very careful even if you go out I'll find you anyway!"

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“I was a hanged man, drank chlorine lime, blew it, swallowed it twice, had surgery, and had my veins cut continuously since then. I can’t stand this closed life after five years. Well, I’d rather die than download the remaining two years. Okay, if I didn’t take it. My decisions, I will take my hat and coat and bid farewell to this country. “

This was stated by one of the completely desperate convicts, nesgnes Moldova and György Gém in 1981, In prison, sir In his documentary, which portrays the personalities and relationships of past eras in Márianosztra, he remains impressive even today. Everyone’s complaint is legitimate and tangible, and although this is no longer the age of the dark dungeons, the more happy moments that are being staged for a more humane environment – like graduation, an eating contest, or a New Year’s Eve party for Romani women – seem silly but at the very least. bitter.

Meanwhile, another illiterate man can be seen amazingly dictating his message to his wife about how much he loves her, then suddenly turns to the point:

“My dear wife, you already know me, and be very careful even if you go out I’ll find you anyway!”

62 minutes of unknown despair and sadness. A woman tells how she had an abortion inside. The other shows how difficult it is for those who will be lesbians in prison and those who will not. And the man is trying in a totally outrageous and sterile manner to avoid having to work on the loom. (Interestingly, 160,000 footballers were convicted at the time of the production of Western companies like Adidas or Puma.)

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The movie also tries to show how heavy this dark and hopeless world is a mental burden on prison staff. The prison doctor is losing sympathy more and more after he is forced to save those trying to end their miserable lives by swallowing blades over and over again.

a In prison, sir Its great virtue is that it clearly sympathizes with poorly socialized convicts. In the end, they also wrote that they voluntarily worked together for free, asking that no one make it difficult for them to reintegrate. However, even in the first scene, the prison residents complain that they don’t hope for reintegration at all, and most of them steal someone for up to two good nights.

However, the viewer could not help but conclude that no matter how guilty the state captives were, Penalty-It’s an app – they will still deserve human treatment.

Filmmakers Ágnes Moldova and György Gém made their movie in the Kádár dictatorship, which is still full of power. It is by no means customary to address such social problems overtly. That is why, even today, he appears particularly courageous, sincere and strong In prison, sir. In the end, we cannot help but explain to today’s viewers whether similarly brave documentaries, in 2020 in Hungary (forty years after the era shown in the film), will have the opportunity to look deeply behind prison walls?

In prison, sir, 62 min, 1981. Sound Engineer: Gabor Banyai; Reporter: Ágnes Moldova, György Gém, András Haeffler; Cinematographer: Oliver Hollows; Editor: Ágnes Ostoros; Music Editor: László Hercegh; Production Manager: Janus Drabek; Director: Ágnes Moldova, György Gém.

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