MWC 2023: Xiaomi has confirmed its participation

New technologies, future plans and possibly Series 13 devices will be the focus of the presentation.

Xiaomi has started sending invitations to the Mobile World Congress 2023. According to the plans, the Chinese company will exhibit at MWC with its own exhibition space, and will also be able to give a presentation. The brief invitation sent out so far only indicates that visitors to the exhibition can experience new technologies at the company’s booth in Hall 3, but based on previous rumors, it is not difficult to combine the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro phones. . the super However, its appearance is questionable at the moment, it is most likely a separate premiere, but Pad 6 Waved It could easily debut at MWC.

Xiaomi whistleblower regarding MWC.
Xiaomi whistleblower regarding MWC. (Source: GSMArena) [+]

the GSMArena Article According to Xiaomi, it will also talk about its global situation, which will be particularly interesting in the current situation, given the fact that for the first time in its history the brand has begun to downsize significantly. It is expected that the global version of MIUI 14 will also be presented at MWC, you can already apply for the beta with some Xiaomi phones 12. According to the plans, we will also be there at MWC, we will report from the site.

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