MTVA and one of its shows got a star

MTVA and one of its shows got a star

The two stars of the Milky Way system are called “Jézus and MTVA”, thanks to astrophysicist Peter Ravai, who introduced the ancient letters of the Danube Jesus and… program, it will be part of its broadcast on Saturdays, which it previously revolved around As he said to Arrigo field cluster. It can be seen from 16:20 Jesus and the world The section presents the relationship between science and faith.

From October 8th, you can see the Danube on Saturday afternoons Jesus and… the offer. The self-produced production conveys timeless messages through 21st century stories. Under the guidance of Mező Misi, viewers can take part in an amazing and thought-provoking journey through time, featuring ancient crafts, every week.

Missy Mizu sang at the press event for Jesus and …Photo: Sandor Csudai – Origo

The Jesus and… The next part, on December 10, presents the scientific profession and the relationship between science and faith. The main character of the episode is the world-famous scientist, astrophysicist Peter Ravai, who highly appreciates the episode dedicated to science: MTVA and the program can boast of their star, two stars orbiting each other are called. “Jezus and the MTVA”.

The system is located in our galaxy, the Milky Way, in the sky towards the constellation of Aquarius, a reference to the symbol of the rippling waters of the Danube. The Jesus and… The presenter of the program, Misi Mez, also received a similar honor, as well as a star, said the singer of Magna Cum Laude on the program Duna Almárium.

Our fellow American astronomers collect in the database the stars they discover, which can be adopted – said Peter Ravai, who specializes in gravitational-wave astrophysics and cosmology, as a guest at Marium. In Marium, the specialist also expressed his gratitude to the creators of the show that his profession was within the crafts of Jesus and ….

In the Marium, he said, “In most people’s minds, faith and science are at odds with each other, it was important to put this in order.” Jesus and… They can find out on the Danube on Saturday.

Astrophysicist Peter Ravai expressed his gratitude for the episode dedicated to science with great appreciationSource: MTVA

The Jesus and… Episodes on Bizoni Westin YouTube channel can be displayed again.

Marium’s conversation with Missy Mizzo and Peter Raffai is the programme On the Media page click They can be watched again.

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