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Mrs. Rebel Wilson is the cutest bikini this summer

The actress was swimming in a gorgeous blush pink ensemble reminiscent of the ’60s. We can’t imagine a more perfect bikini.

He posted pictures of himself on his social media site Rebel Wilson. The most beautiful shade of pink is perfect for the actress, as is the ’60s bikini with a mini cardigan. The high-waisted button-down bodice is also worn over the top and white cat-eye sunglasses.

Rebel Wilson Tockletts Bikini

“He quotes Bardot,” wrote one commenter next to the photo, which we can totally agree with, and not just because of the swimsuit style, but also because of the blonde’s hair crown.

Rebel Wilson Tockletts Bikini

Rebel Wilson, 42, appears to want to relax on the beach with the press attention raging around him in recent weeks. The actress is leaving, not entirely voluntarily. After an Australian newspaper threatened to reveal her affair with fashion designer Ramona Agroma, Wilson decides to move things forward and profess her love for a woman. “We tried to handle the situation with dignity,” he said. Rebel Wilson. The Sydney Morning Herald She later apologized to the actress and her partner.

source: Sixth page picture: InstagramGetty Images

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