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Mrs. Gyurcsány participates in the Paralympic Prize, the President of the Paralympic Committee is now explaining to her the reality

Commenting on one of Gyurcsány’s Facebook posts, László Szabó, President of the General Assembly of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee, wrote after Ferenc Gyurcsány’s wife made a false statement about the merits of the Paralympic Games:

Madam actress!

In my capacity as President of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee, allow me to make a few observations and make a request regarding the above entry.

Paralympic bonuses (LIFE), which they receive after they reach the age of 35 for Paralympic medals earned during their athletic career (such as coaches and federal leaders, by the way) are exactly the same as the annual salaries of healthy Olympians. stuffing. This is stipulated by law.

The one-time reward for places (between first and eighth) at every Paralympic Games, including the current Tokyo Games, was increased dramatically by the government in February of this year, by 42%. Now you get 25 million forints for Paralympic gold, which is the highest reward ever.
We invest a lot of work in raising awareness and moral and physical recognition of athletes with disabilities, and expanding their opportunities to play sports. We want as many people with disabilities as possible to exercise and even get to the Paralympics. There are many of our partners in this business, which is why we (also) consider our business successful. His politically registered entry in recognition of paragliding performance doesn’t help this business at all, in fact.
I ask you to avoid parachute hackers and those who really want to help out with your comments of the above type in the future. We have enough to do, and we don’t want to repeat it unnecessarily because of the post you’re posting.

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Please congratulate the successful athletes: during the Tokyo Paralympic Games, until September 6, there will be plenty of room for it! We thank you for that!

Laszlo Sabo, President of the General Assembly of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee

ui.: And the next time you use an image with the Paralympics, indicate its source and subject. This photo was taken on August 10 in the Hungarian Paralympic Department.

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