Mrs. Domper is talking to us

There’s good news coming, but we just have to take note. For example, we found out from the program guide the other day: that a certain character Zoltán Petróczi – under a transvestite stage name: Lady Dömper – will be giving a talk at “Free SZFE”, in the CEU’s Nádor Street building.

Eureka! Those with sharp ears can spot no fewer than three pieces of good news in this one sentence. The former is clearly a fill-in-the-blank performance itself, which I think all loyal fans will be marching through packed lines. This is also a kind of duty of the movement there: to stand up for the oppressed, who are oppressed by the fact that – sad to say – they cannot go to kindergartens to “educate” the little ones. This is what they call in Brussels “homophobia”.

What Mr./Mrs. Dombre does is not mere entertainment, but—supposedly—high art, and he himself is an artist. The latter can be known with certainty from the fact that Zoltan was called an artist by 168 Óra in an interview in 2021 – from now on, this is also the duty of our dog.

Anyone who pretends to be a man, wears a colorful women’s wig, hides in women’s clothes, makes breasts, and pretends to be a woman is not a mental patient, but an artist. And whoever opposes this, or even complains, is a Nazi.

Another good news is that according to them, Uncle Gyori’s reptile hatchery in Hungary, CEU, is not finished yet at all. Or if – due to Orbán’s sinister machinations – it has since been successfully revived. As far as I know, how did Ms. Dombre Zoli manage to hold a technical session in a stressful CEU? Well, right. But not only the CEU, but also “Free SZFE” is alive and well, although the government also implemented it, or put it in a salt well. However, the malicious intent backfired: the salty juice not only kept the brigade alive, but it also kept it alive. It’s more like an absurd drama: characters who were eliminated in previous scenes return as if nothing had happened, and continue to laugh cheerfully on stage.

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