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Mr. Power’s rivals in Soroxar are great

Mr. Power's rivals in Soroxar are great

The Hungarian PFA Weightlifting Cup took place in Soroxar, where the people of Mako performed superbly – the winners of the absolute elite category were either members of Mr. Power’s Federation or competitors trained under Robert Majoros. A total of 9 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze medals, as well as 2 fourth places, became the balance sheet of the Mr. Power Sports Association.

Zoltán Debreczeni came home from Soroxar with personal bests, setting a new personal record in the -100kg weight group in the squat (325kg), push-up (205kg) and pull-ups. With the latter, he took first place in the elite open class, while taking second place in the absolute competition among elites with a total performance of 860 kg.

In the open age group, Máté Sajtos also had the personal best performance in the squat (225 kg) among the -82.5 kg set, as well as in the bench press (132.5 kg) and pull up (265 kg), so his overall performance (622.5 kg) is also No. A new record for him: Third place overall is over in place.

Tibor Vulbesi reached 320kg in drag in the -125kg competition, and finished second. Áder Benjámin managed to win the -67.5kg junior class on the bench press with his performance of 130kg.

Ferenc Mata also managed to come home with a gold medal, which proved to be the best in the under-90kg competition with a 180kg bench press, which also means the peak of the competition and his absolute second place.

Gabor Varga’s bench press pressed 170kg in the -100kg weight group, and finished fourth in his first league competition.

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Tibor Mózes Hegyes took third place in the youth field – 75 kg, having reached 160 kg in the drag, he also competed for the first time in Mr. Bauer’s colors.

It was made under the direction of Robert Majoros, but the non-Union competitors Robert Tombek, Marco Marie and Zolt Antal.

Robert Tombek started among the elite ranks with a time of -110 kg, achieving the best results on a personal level in all events. He weighed in at 345kg in the squat, 182.5kg in the pushup, and 332.5kg in the pull-up, so he won the open class with a total of 860kg, while coming in third overall.

At -82 kg, Mari Márkó achieved 200 kg in the squat, 170 kg in the bench press (this is my new personal best) and 275 kg in the pull-up. And in terms of the final result, he took third place.

Zault Antal started out in the -125kg Masters competition, where he proved to be the best in weightlifting and pull-ups. The 313kg squat is a new masters league record, with 195kg in the bench press and 307.5kg in the pullup.

Belaz Haji, who competes in the weight class under 82.5 kg, started out as a competitor in the Federation and won it all: the 300 kg squat exercise is a new record in the league, as well as the 190 kg and 310 kg bench press, and with it 800 kg. Total performance kg

In the Open category, also as a competitor in the Association, Zoltán Boldizsár reached 260kg in a pull of between -110kg, which László Sánta-trained athlete came in second.

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Also in the colors of Mr. Bauer, Ferenc Hajo began to pull the weight of 90 kg, reaching 250 kg, for which he won a bronze medal.

The next competition for union competitors will be the biggest competition of the year, the GPC World Championships, which will take place from October 17-23. are organized between

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