Mozilla Firefox 101 is available for download

Mozilla Firefox 101 is available for download

This is a minor update that brings back the Open and Save files dialog that led Mozilla through the improved download process introduced in Firefox 98.

What’s new in Firefox for desktop

  • Web pages are now easier to read with a preferred contrast media question, which allows sites to recognize when a user is requesting to display web content above (or below) contrast

  • You can now set custom actions for all non-configured MIME types when the download is complete

  • Firefox now allows users to use as many microphones as possible during video conferencing. The most exciting feature is that the user can easily switch between microphones at any time (if your conferencing service provider allows this flexibility)

What’s new in Firefox for Android

What’s new in Firefox for iOS

  • Sponsored Shortcuts on iOS Home

  • Added option to remove Shortcuts section from iOS homepage

  • Recommended pocket articles on the homepage now value reading time – so you can read them now or later. Firefox language must be set to English (Canada) or English (US) to receive pocket article recommendations

  • The text in the URL bar will no longer be replaced by text replacement until you press “space” or “.” a key.

Developer news

What’s new for Mozilla Developer Network 101 In the related article.


The latest version of Firefox continues to run on Windows (AMD 64-bit, ARM 64-bit and 32-bit), Linux (64-bit and 32-bit), and OS X (Intel, Apple Silicon) can be downloaded, also in Hungarian as usual. For improvements to the now released version, see Release NotesPosting security ads It can be read here. For Linux Mint, the update is available through the Update Manager or, for other platforms, through the distribution channels provided by the distribution. Windows 11 users can now install from the Microsoft Store.

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Updated androidos firefox which was also posted Release Notes developers. Firefox ESR – Long Supported – 91.10.0 Issuance It can be downloaded here (newsletter). The changes to the browser system are also part of the android version. The Download the Android version of Firefox.

See version 101 for iPhone It can be found here. complete change list. Download the iOS version.

The next version of Firefox, 102, is expected on June 28, 2022 Will appear.

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