Mouse plague is spreading rapidly in Australia

Everything is covered in the smell of the mouse plague in eastern Australia. He said that in addition to drought, fires and epidemics, an epidemic among mice is making the lives of Australians more bitter. Watchman.

The infected mice were also crowded with homes, stores and cars.

Local residents trust the torrential downpours, hoping that the rats will then retreat into their caves and the areas will be cleared.

The problem has taken on such a magnitude that it has also become a major social media topic. On portals and forums, everyone shares their horror story with mice.

There were those who woke up mouse droppings on their pillows, chased the mice with light bulbs last night, but it also happened that someone was afraid of the mouse while taking a shower.

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Mice plague not only affects daily life but also functions. In some supermarkets, workers have to arrive five hours early to clean up after the mice and find as many as 400-500 corpses in one night.

Mice cause so much damage to merchants that they can even gnaw themselves in plastic drink cans, and the vendors throw spoiled food.

The mayors joined forces and called on the Australian government to provide official assistance.

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