Mourning: László Szepessy has passed away at the age of 72

Mourning: László Szepessy has passed away at the age of 72

László Szepessy, footballer for former Hungarian champion Ferencvaros and Raba Ito, who died at the age of 72, was the first to report the sad news on the Facebook page of Dunaújváros Football Club, who also served as player and coach at the time.

László Szepessy (1949-2022) (Photo: Enikő Szabóné Zsedrovits/Dunaújváros Newsletter)

In early January a Blake She reported that László Szepessy had been hospitalized again since November due to his serious illness. The former footballer was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in March 2021, and survived a life-saving operation, but the disease recurred soon after.

On January 15, László Szepessy gave up the fight and died at the age of seventy-two.

The former soccer player was born in 1949, and raised in BEAC and Bp. Honvéd, converted in Belgium, then played for VM Egyetért, Dunaújváros, Volán, became a player for Ferencváros in 1980 and was a member of the 1981 championship team. He moved from Üllői út to Kecskemét, between 1982 and 1984 was a player for Rába ETO, in 1983 He managed to celebrate his championship title for the second time, and remembered all his life that he learned from his coach at the time, Joseph Verbis. He began training at the age of one thousand nine hundred and ninety, and returned to Ülliút at the invitation of Tibor Nelasi, who was appointed at the age of 35. He was a Hungarian champion against the Federal Trade Commission in 1981, so Laszlo Sipesi entered the history of the Greens as a player and coach. After Dioscur, Gyor, Tatabanya and (again) Donaujvaros, he led the Hungarian U-16 team, and then in the 2018-2019 season he led Jermott.

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The FTC He indicated that he considered László Szepessy to be the dead man.

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