Motorola spreads rumors about the Edge X30

Motorola spreads rumors about the Edge X30

The best mobile phone, which arrives on Thursday, will link a large battery and high-resolution cameras to Qualcomm’s new chip.

Not a month ago, back, of course, still not independent Motorola Introduced five new devices, including Snapdragon 888+ Moto G 200-in a. However, the big throw is set for December 9 for the brand, when it will (expected) be the first in the world to (expected) unveil a 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile phone, and it also shows how to put the components together on its production line.

a Moto Edge 30X phone Rumored after official information: the phone, which will be available from December 15, has a 60MP sensor on the front, 50MP standard and an ultra-wide back, possibly backed by a 2MP depth camera. Suppose the zoom unit can expand more.

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The Edge 30X will carry a 5,000mAh battery that can be charged at 68W, and will feature a highly refreshed AMOLED panel that supports 10-bit color depth on the front panel. This will likely mean an image refresh rate of 144Hz and a high touch sensor, so the phone is sure to be able to play games as well, and in Geébench the phone ported with 12GB of RAM, so there are no complaints. It’s also possible that the X30 doesn’t arrive on its own anyway, but the brand is still listening to its on-screen camera sister.

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