MotoGP: Quarteraro won the Doha Grand Prix

MotoGP: Quarteraro won the Doha Grand Prix

Frenchman Fabio Quartararo won the King’s MotoGP in the second race of the World Speed ​​Championship in Doha. In Moto2, British Sam Lowes won again, while in Moto3, Spaniard Pedro Acosta took first place.


Quartararo can party at the checkered flag (Image: MotoGP)

Ducati did not win this year in Qatar, although they have two chances. Just like last week, they were stopped by a tuning fork, this time Fabio Quartararo was more tactical. The factory pilots from Bologna are now really standing behind the podium, and the Reds’ only consolation was that both the satellite contestants (with the plant and engine contract) finished the top three. However, at the start of the second half of the race, for a few laps, it appeared to be the first Ducati one-three in the sport’s history after Pecco Bagnaia finally overtook Álex Rins.

But that’s when Quartararo arrived, who had already said on Saturday that he was ready to fight for victory. In the first half of the race, this seemed so far from the outside that he finished eighth for a long time. “Last week I rode a motorbike like a beginner. I didn’t switch between the electronics settings, nor did I use my head. I thought for three days why this might be, and I knew I couldn’t make that mistake again.” Said the winner of the race later.

However, it wasn’t easy, he could only chew himself through Ducatik’s quick subconscious on the lines multiple times, but he was so much faster at the corners that he didn’t even have a chance to keep up.

Although the French Yamaha won the race, it was perhaps not the biggest surprise of the day, but Jorge Martin who led the race from 22 laps in 18 laps. He was riding a bike so mellow and calm that he might not have been expecting it. Two bends before the ramp, teammate Johan Zarco also found a grip on him with great difficulty, so he was only centimeters away, but he was pushed to the third step of the platform.

“If anyone else had it, I would definitely attack, but that’s not the same position as us in the team, Johan’s goal is to fight for the championship title. I would recommend this result to Gressini, who believed in me even if others didn’t believe in it, and we are together in The ending is heroes. I really miss him, he was a member of my family to me, but I am sure he is watching from above. “ Martin recalled his former captain, who was able to restrain himself and use his mind for the team.

We saw the narrowest race in MotoGP history today, it was like a Moto3 race. The first fifteen pilots were separated by only 8,928 seconds when they landed. All this so that today’s battle was five seconds faster than last Sunday.

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Although they have yet to win a race, scores of drivers still lead the way in the boat, with Johan Zarco leading the championship after two races, followed by Quartararo and Maverick Vinales by four points.

The French were full of sugar at the moment, and the last time two citizens were able to rejoice on the podium in the royal class was in 1954 (already those who were already living at the time and followed the World Motor Speed ​​Championship), but it was not taken. The first two places.

Alex Reigns didn’t feel more comfortable in fourth place today, and Vinales and Bagnaya also thinks his race has started at the start. Joan Mir really didn’t want to comment today, mainly due to an incident with Jack Miller. Miller complained that they had met Mir multiple times today, although he apologized in the first instance. But for the Australian, that wasn’t enough, and for some reason he felt he had to teach his competitor more than anything else, which almost ended with both of them finishing on the ground at the finish line.

“If you did it on purpose, it’s not a question of whether you deserve to be punished, because nobody can handle it.” Based on Miller’s words, the collision seemed entirely intentional, Mir said, and we’ll see if the case continues.

The sure thing is that his arms impeded Miller’s race, and he is set to run it on Tuesday in Barcelona. Brad Bender created the KTM tactic, according to which they all cut him into the race with a mix of first average as the only one on the field.

SPEED MOTOR WC, Grand Prix Doha
Moto GP, 22 strokes (118.36 km)

1. Fabio Quartararo (French, Yamaha) 42: 997 23 minutes
2. Johan Zarco (France, Ducati) 1,457 minutes per hour.
3. Jorge Martin (Spain, Ducati) 1500 mph.
World Cup Ranking: 1 – Zarco 40 Pont, 2. Quatararo 36, 3. Maverick Vinales (Spain, Yamaha) 36

The end result is complete

50 of 50 = 100%

Sam Lowes could leave Qatar with a flawless performance as he couldn’t even start last year due to a shoulder injury. Two places, two wins – that’s British Libra, who, like last week, kicked off race day today with a fall in warm-up training, just to make the streak pattern perfect.

Marco Bezzecchi got the best start this time and took the lead, just like last week. He was able to hold out for two periods and then today Lowes outdid him on the fourth lap. Then, just like at the Qatar Grand Prix, he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the British, sliding back and forth, all the way to fourth. Obviously you’re not comfortable, but this time at least he didn’t climb to the podium before he was dropped, but already on the sixth lap, when he was overtaken by Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez as well.

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There was no easy race due to the high winds, in the first half of the race the Lowes weren’t fast or stable enough to succeed, he kept falling from the arch as Gardner clung to him more and more, the fastest lap of the race many times over.

He put more and more pressure on the British in the last five laps, to which Louise responded by correcting the fastest lap twice before the end. Gardner did the same on the penultimate lap, pushing lap times to 1:59, but Luz so he could develop.

“Sam ran an incredible race. It’s very hard not to fault this wind. He was unconscious as fast as he could ride. The hat in front of him. I knew that if I was second on the goals interpreter, I wouldn’t win the race, but I couldn’t come close.” At the penultimate turn, I felt like I was going green with my rear wheel, so if I crossed it, the racing board would still punish me. “ Gardner said after the knockout.

“I tried to save with rubber, but it was difficult to go forward due to the wind. At first I could easily overtake the third sector because the wind helped, but then exactly the same made the competition tough.” Louise said.

Third, it was rookie Raul Fernandez in Moto2, which Ajo Youth is doing well today.

MOTO2, 20 strokes (107.6 km)
1. Sam Luz (UK, Calix) 39: 52.702 minutes
2. Remy Gardner (Australia, Calix) 0.190 s h.
3. Raul Fernandez (Spain, Calix) 3,371 mph.
World Cup Ranking: 1. Lowes 50 pont, 2. Gardner 40, 3. Fernandez 27

The end result is complete

It is even impossible to study in the field!

You can’t even guess how many times we thought after a Moto3 race that it couldn’t be crazier, more compact, or more exciting. But young people always refute us. However, now we say again: It wouldn’t be more brutal and crazier anymore. After all, a 16-year-old man made history today. Not by winning the second world race in his life as a rookie, but by doing it all from the pit pass. His name is Pedro Acosta. Note this name for anyone who didn’t do it last week!

It was also a race that is impossible to sum up without missing out on something, so let’s try to focus on that point!

So the seven started from the racing lane because they still did not understand that we were not waiting for each other in training, not moving slowly on the track and not stopping others. The penalty kick also seemed effective – until the 12th round. Then, led by Acosta, the Seven Teeth to capture the lead and enter the fight for victory. Because bullets until then accounted for two-thirds of rookies, about 20 pilots.

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The competition was so intense that it was possible to return to 14th from the edge in an instant, as had been the case with Darren Binder.

Given how hard the fight is, it’s no miracle to be pulled up to the 12th lap without making a bigger foul and falling. Then Xaviér Artigas fell from 16th with the help of Carlos Tatay. After half a lap, Philip Salak slipped from 11th after touching Sasaki Ayumu.

At the start of Lap 15, we saw the biggest drama in the race, when Binder and Jeremy Alcoba met to reach the braking distance at every turn, and the Spaniard could not avoid collision, and he and his engine crashed heavily, flying straight to John McVeigh, knocking him out of the conflict. The accident was a racing accident, so no punishment is expected, not much for the scene that ensued when McVeigh went to the Cuban and kicked him angrily, something the latter did not leave unanswered. Ultimately, they were fined € 1,000, and in the next race they would both start off the pit lane with Alcoba Five, McPhee ten seconds off the field.

On the penultimate lap, Acosta was already fighting for the podium, but he didn’t get that much, he started the last lap first. It’s hard to fathom how he had enough reserves left in himself and in rubber to earn many of the engine’s benefits, but that definitely happened, and even his subsequent runner-up, Bender, couldn’t believe his eyes.

When you work with professional people, anything is possible. Said the winner of the race. – “Everything was still cloudy yesterday after I knew I had been punished, but I woke up this morning so I could do it.”

Fighting for third place at corner 10, last week’s race winner Jaume Masia collided with Gabriel Rodrigo, so they both eventually drifted off the ring. Niccol Antonelli, who last celebrated the podium in Jerez over the past two years, was a triumph in the race.

MOTO3, 18 rounds (96.84 km)

1. Pedro Acosta (Spanish, KTM) 38: 22,430 minutes
2. Darren Binder (South Africa, Honda) 0.039 seconds an hour.
3. Niccolo Antonelli (Italian, KTM) 0.482 seconds an hour.
World Cup Ranking: 1. Acosta Bridge 45, 2. Binder 36, 3. Jaume Macia (Spanish, KTM) 32

A complete final result

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