Motivation in Telework - What Can a President Do?

Motivation in Telework – What Can a President Do?

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Impulse reset? What is the question for? Maintain employee motivation in extreme or unusual circumstances. Today, the focus is not on the “shock” of the pandemic itself, but on the transition that companies undergo to a new, ideally designed facility. This hurdle is easily taken up by some companies while others falter. They have one thing in common: a good job performance can only be achieved by passionate people.


What are the basic motivational strategies?

Before any business leader sets out to explore entirely new directions, let’s take a look at existing leadership strategies for motivation.

a PressureAn external stimulus, which acts in the short term, and the fear of sanctions is the driving force, which leads to poor performance in the long term. So this is the worst strategy.

a RewardExtrinsic motivation: when a leader continually confesses, praises, sets a goal, or expects, for example, a monetary reward. The only problem with this is that it is not the worker’s actions that drive him, but the desire for the reward that must be given to him at all times.

The Self motivationAn internal motivator, when the activity itself, creativity at work, the pleasure of developing, creating something new, is also a motivating force, and it encourages the employee himself to perform well. Joy and “the experience of flow”.

The bad news, then, is that you cannot motivate others “from the outside.” But the good news is that companies can also create conditions in the home office in which employees can develop themselves, advises Laura Torey.

Tora LauraTora Laura

How does a home office transform the catalytic portfolio?

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According to the expert, there are a number of motivational factors that can drive an employee from within, but this “motivational package” differs from one person to another.

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