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Most recent signatory to the Artemis Agreement: Germany
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Most recent signatory to the Artemis Agreement: Germany

In Washington, on September 14, a ceremony was held to expand the Artemis Agreement: after Argentina, Germany also joined the framework, which now has 29 members. At the ceremony, the contract was signed by Bill Nelson on behalf of the agency, and on the German side by Dr. Walter Pelzer, Director General of the German Aerospace Research Center (DLR).

Countries that have signed the agreement so far: United States (Founder), United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Poland, New Zealand, Mexico, Luxembourg, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Israel, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Romania, Bahrain, Singapore, Colombia, France, and the United Kingdom Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, India, Argentina, Germany.

Signature moment. Source: NASA

Artemis Agreement

Participation in the agreement does not mean membership and automatic participation in NASA’s Artemis program, but only acceptance of the framework established by NASA. The convention was inaugurated in 1967 and has since been accepted by more than 100 countries Outer Space TreatyIt is based on what regulates the peaceful use of outer space:

  • Research and use of outer space should serve the well-being of all countries
  • Space can be freely explored by everyone and cannot be subject to the sovereignty of any country
  • The treaty prohibits the placement of nuclear weapons and any other weapons of mass destruction in outer space
  • The treaty stipulates that other celestial bodies (including the Moon) may only be used for peaceful purposes

NASA has expanded this agreement with the new agreement Artemis AccordsIn which the signatory parties guarantee the following:

  • Exploration for Peaceful Purposes: All activities undertaken under the Artemis Program must be for peaceful purposes
  • Transparency: Signatories of the Artemis Accords will conduct their activities in a transparent manner
  • Countries participating in the Artemis program strive to develop systems that other countries can use to increase safety and sustainability.
  • Emergency Assistance: Signatories of the Artemis Accords pledge to provide assistance to employees in any distress
  • Registration of space objects: All space objects must be registered in a common database (registration agreement).
  • Sharing scientific data: Signatories to the Artemis Accords are committed to making scientific information public
  • Heritage Preservation: Signatories of the Artemis Accords are committed to preserving outer space heritage (see Apollo Moon landing sites)
  • Space Resources: Resource extraction and use are fundamental to safe and sustainable exploration (see Mining on the Moon). Signatories of the Artemis Accords affirm that these activities will be carried out in accordance with the Outer Space Treaty.
  • Space Waste: Artemis Accord nations are committed to keeping outer space “clean” (e.g., no empty rocket stages are left in orbit).
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