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Most Effective Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

Modern research shows that approximately most of the phones are tested with harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause different diseases like diarrhoea, flu, pinkeye, etc. Almost all day we have to keep such an unhealthy thing very close to ourselves (especially to our eyes and nose). From the office to the gym; from restaurant to the bathroom; from public gathering places to the bedroom; everywhere we take our mobile phones and Unbeknownst to us, innumerable germs are easily accompanying us in this journey! They invisibly exist on devices. We have some top tips for cleaning your smartphones— easily and safely.

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Turn off the device before your cleaning.

Don’t forget to switch off your smartphone anyhow! Before cleaning, also make sure that you have unplugged your device from the wall. This is an easy reminder to avoid a potential short circuit. The surface should be clear enough for your washing. Any chances of coming calls or messages must be prevented totally. So, you can give your full concentration in your work. Another valuable point: remove your phone at first from the unhygienic case. Wipe it down, too.

Use a lint-free microfiber cloth.

You know that there is a special type of lens clothes we have in the market for sunglasses or eyeglasses. You find it in glass-cases under the frames. Well, just follow the process of cleaning those glasses— with a particular fluid, gently wipe down the screen. Never use a handkerchief or towel and toilet paper. Both of them can’t clear the disease-carrying microbes from the screen. Besides this, they can make little scratches and damage the protective coating of the screen. Cotton can be your other option!

Regard your phone as one of your items

Always regard your phone as your items. Yeah sure! Your smartphone will roam in the hands of your children or spouse, especially if it is a smartphone. So either, use a type of phone that is not so smart or keep your phone to yourself most of the time. Yes, it is difficult to say NO to someone who has asked for help, or something to look at on your smartphone, tell them you are avoiding touches of an unknown person in this corona outbreak. 

Don’t use them at the dinner table.

Never handle your cellphones at a dinner table. Wash or sanitize your hand before eating, and don’t opt for the mobile till you have finished your meal. The uses of the hand wash or sanitizers will go in vein completely. 

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.

Always check your manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning your phone. The user guide will describe the different ways to clean your phone the best way possible. Follow the guidelines strictly, if it prohibits the use of a normal cleaning solution, then do not use it no matter who has asked you to use those cleaning solutions. And never use the sanitizer on your phone ever. 

Try the 40/60 per cent alcohol-to-water mixture.

If the user guidelines permit, you can use the famous 40/60 alcohol-to-water golden ratio mixture to clean your phone. Slightly damp the microfibre cloth that you are using to clean the phone, in the mixture. Then gently wipe it up and down to clean your phone. However, be sure about this process, as some models of the phone have a coating on the screen that might get damaged by alcohol. 

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So these are some of our best tips for you while you are trying to keep your phone clean. Try it today, and make your closest electronic device completely germfree.

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