Most chef lovers hate the pastry master

Most chef lovers hate the pastry master

Chef fans say the show is flat, and many don’t like Claudia Liptai either.

The RTL club wanted a baking show after a cooking show, so it wanted to impress the audience, which didn’t go well. It is also not an easy task to compete for spectators with the European Football Championship, the quarter-final matches of which start on Friday.

Chef fans have launched a survey to gauge how much the team likes the Master Confectioner. Most admitted that they didn’t like the bread offer at all, but many also criticized the “I don’t know yet” answer. There are quite a few who really like the show.

Many complained that Claudia Liptay couldn’t bring enough energy to the show and would have preferred to expect some sort of Cördős Zé caliber for the presenter.

Claudia Liptay immediately mocked a competitor in the movie Master Confectioner - VIDEO

Claudia Liptay immediately mocked a competitor in the movie Master Confectioner – VIDEO

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For those who still give a chance to the gentle-mouthed chef, we’ll show you what happened in the previous show. Episode two began with a dramatic announcement: Nouri was unable to continue competing for health reasons, and new contestant Rebecca took her place at the table.

Many people know that Jenő Rácz has a spelling role in The Chef. Chef Josie also cut out one of these and dictated to the contestants the recipe for a goose foot cake that turned into a dessert.

Rebecca proved to be the best in the first mission, so she got an unusual advantage and could hold two of her rivals back. The aggravation sounds interesting anyway, a lot of people at The Chef would probably look at it as well.

Chef Balázs and Chef Joci also preferred to use the trash during baking and tasting, if they considered competitors’ business inedible.

At the decision of the chefs, one of the contestants had to leave the kitchen of the Master Confectioner. We show who was the worst performer on day two of the semi-finals.

The master confectioner will continue tonight at the RTL Club.

Cover Photo: Official RTL

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