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Moscow sends message to Joe Biden –

“We are already saying everything. They made us a suggestion. We are studying this. In general, we have a positive attitude towards it,” he said. However, Lavrov did not want to comment on rumors that the venue for the planned summit might be Switzerland.

On April 13, during a second telephone conversation between the two, Biden proposed to Putin that he hold a summit in Europe this summer. The US President will attend the G7 summit from June 11-13, when he will travel to Belgium to attend the NATO summit.

In the magazine’s same program on Sunday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow wanted to be friends with other countries but would defend its own interests. Thus, he commented on President Putin’s statement that Russia would “knock its teeth” on anyone who tries to “bite” it.

He stressed that friendship should not be confused with attitude-direction, dictation, deception and the application of double standards. “We know how to make friends. But we will not allow anyone to claim something that belongs to us. We are strong enough to not allow anyone to do that,” he said.

At Thursday’s meeting, Putin complained, without going into detail, of the presence of those who publicly objected that the treasures of Siberia were owned by a single state.

“Everyone wants to bite us somewhere or something from us. But those who are preparing to do so must bite everyone’s teeth so that they cannot bite. That is clear. The key to that is to develop our armed forces,” the Russian president said.

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