Moscow denounced the Russian-American memorandum of understanding

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zharova said in a press release on June 1, the Russian side handed over a memorandum to the US Embassy in Moscow on the termination of the bilateral memorandum of understanding on culture, humanities and social sciences, education and media. Friday.

“The measures taken by the Americans to “eradicate” Russian culture have led to the fact that there is simply no need for further preservation of the memo. We sent a notice to the US Embassy in Moscow on the 1st of June. We assure the American side that any unfriendly explosion in Washington It is inevitable. And you will get a proper response.”

The spokesman said it was no longer acceptable for the US government to continue promoting its projects and values ​​in Russia under the auspices of the memorandum, as if nothing had happened, while “oppressing Russian culture and all its bearers.”

“The legacy of Russian writers, composers, painters, engineers and even topographers is under attack in the United States. But it is not we who are affected, but the world’s civilization, that is the problem. The absurdity and futility of such. The campaign is instinctively obvious to an intelligent person.”

Earlier, the US State Department expressed regret that Moscow terminated the memo, indicating that Russian students and scholars will continue to be welcome in the United States.

Zharova also said that the Russian Foreign Ministry asked the heads of the US media in Moscow on Monday to clarify the consequences of Washington’s “hostile stance” and media issues. He accused the Russian authorities of deliberately harassing Russian media and journalists and of trying to expel news sources who did not sympathize with them from the media space.

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He said some Russian reporters and media had their bank accounts closed in the United States and their visas and accreditations renewed.

“Washington is doing everything it can to make this impossible, banning and restricting Russian media products and activities,” he said, adding that US authorities have also involved large IT companies in the cleanup that blocks Russian media from being accessed globally. Zaharova envisioned “the harshest retaliation” in the event that Russian journalists accredited in the United States were not allowed to work normally again.

Opening: Russian director Kirill Serenikov (B), Russian actress Alina Mikhailnana (M2), Russian-American actor Odin Lund Peron (C2) and Russian actor Philip Avgiev at the premiere of their historical film Tchaikovsky’s Wife at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. festival. MTI / EPA / Guillaume Horcajuelo

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