Moscow: America must not play with fire

Russian news agencies quoted Russian foreign spokeswoman Maria Zaharova as saying late on Tuesday that she had sentenced Russian officials and companies in Washington a few hours earlier to the indictment of Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition politician and employees poisoned by Western sources, and his employees. Washington has announced the imposition of sanctions in line with the European Union.

Zaharova said Moscow would not come to terms with this and would respond to reciprocal sanctions in Washington, but not necessarily with reverse measures.

“The American government launched an anti-Russian outburst, and announced in a duet with the European Union the upcoming sanctions against Russia,” Zaharova wrote. According to him, “absurdity sits on the cake” when deliberate provocation, and the alleged poisoning of Navalny with some military chemicals, is an excuse to impose sanctions. It was believed that all this was just a pretext for blatant interference in the internal affairs of Russia. According to Zaharova, the White House, embroiled in its own troubles, is once again trying to create an image of the external enemy.

Zaharova wrote that Russia calls on the United States not to “play with fire,” saying that the “illogical and meaningless” White House policy is increasingly leading to a cooling of bilateral ties that Washington has already backed off. The spokesman said attempts to compel Russia to do something with sanctions or other pressure were unsuccessful, respectively.

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