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Mori Swimmers: Three Competitions, Nearly Fifty Medals! – Mormost.ho

Mori Swimmers: Three Competitions, Nearly Fifty Medals! – Mormost.ho

/Photo: Mihaly Molnar/

The total number of Al-Mouri swimmers during the past period is 46 medals: 31 medals in two preparatory competitions and 15 medals in a regional competition for age groups..

Our swimmers continue to focus on preparing for the age group championships, but in the meantime, of course, they are taking part in warm-up competitions as part of their preparation.

However, the youngest has already competed at the regional dolphin championship in Veszprém.

Kaposvar MCM-Diamant Round 3: 10 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze

The golden medal: Csanád Report 2007 100 Butterflies

Réka Hangyál 2012 100 breast 100 back 200 breast

Magda Fitous 2010 100 Back

Csaba Szefcsik 2009 200 Miscellaneous 200 Fast

Zeta Fixie 2009 200 Mixed

Kiss Kissing 2007 200 Breasts

Yohasz Milan 2007 200 Back

silver medal: Szabó Kiss Zetény 2007 100 Chest 100 Chest

Zeta Fixi 2009 100 breast

Juhas Ada 2007 200 Mixed

Harangozó Lili 2009 200 breasts

Zofia Lucky 2013 200 Back

Magda Vetoes 2010 100 Butterflies

Bronze Medal: Magda Fitous 2010 100 breasts

Harangozó Lili 2009 100 Back

Zsófia Lucky 2013 100 Back and 200 Assorted

100 Criticized Swimming Competition: 2 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze

The golden medal: Generation Kolos 2011 200 Back

Matthias Hadas 50 chest

silver medal: Csanád Report 2007 200 Mixed

Csaba Szefcsik 2009 200 Miscellaneous

Suralik Andras 2014 50 Speed

Suralik Andras 2014 50 Again

Suralik Andras 2014 50 butterflies

Bronze Medal: Csanád 2007 200 Fast Report

Rika Hangyal 2012 200 Back

Generation Kolos 2011 100 Sprint

Other results:

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Eliza Davotti (2014): 19th in 50 breaststroke, 15th in 50 breaststroke (ECS), 31st in 200 breaststroke (ECS)

Sofia Szabo: (2015): 50 butterfly 5th (ECS), 50 backstroke 8th, 50 breaststroke 6th (ECS), 50 freestyle 10th (ECS)

Matthias Hadas: 50 sprint 5 places (ECS), 200 sprint 23 places, 100 breaststroke 8 places

Hajnal Mate: 18th in 50 breaststroke, 9th in 100 breaststroke, 19th in 200 breaststroke.

Andras Suralik: 200 medley 4th. Place (ECS) will be

Adam Tanay: 50 sprint 15th, 50 rear 8th, 200 sprint 21st

Delin Regional Championship Veszprém: 5 gold, 4 silver, 6 bronze

Andras Suralik:

The golden medal: 100m sprint, 50m backstroke, 100m butterfly

silver medal: 200m medley, 100m backstroke, 50m sprint

Matthias Hadas:

silver medal: 100 meters back

Bronze Medal: 200m backstroke 3rd, 50m backstroke 3rd, 200m breaststroke 3rd, 50m sprint 3rd.

Other results: 5th in 50m butterfly, 5th in 100m breaststroke, 4th in 100m breaststroke, 4th in 50m breaststroke.

Akos Steiner:

The golden medal: 200m mixed (1), 200m backstroke (1).

Bronze Medal: 50m butterfly 3rd, 200m sprint 3rd.

Other results: 4th place in 100m breaststroke, 4th place in 200m breaststroke.

Eliza Davotie's results: 100m breaststroke 9th, 100m sprint 15th, 50m backstroke 10th, 100m backstroke 8th, 50m breaststroke 8th, 50m sprint 14th

Judith Sebastian's results: 16th in 100m breaststroke, 11th in 50m backstroke, 9th in 100m backstroke, 9th in 50m breaststroke, 15th in 50m breaststroke.

Victoria Domonkos results: 50m butterfly 7th, 100m breaststroke 9th, 100m breaststroke 12th.

Zofia Szabo's results: 50m butterfly 8th, 100m breaststroke 14th, 200m medley 7th, 50m backstroke 11th, 100m backstroke 11th, 50m breaststroke 11th, 50m breaststroke 15th.

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6th place in women's 4 x 50m relay

-Victoria Domonkos

– Judith Sebastian

– Eliza of Davouti

– Zofia Szabo

The contestants were prepared by Regina Rechtar, Imre Szarka, Christian Damsets and Mihaly Molnar – We were informed by the association's president, Matthias Molnar Mihalyi.

Photo: Mihaly Molnar

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