More than half of American voters consider Bidnet unfit to lead the United States

More than half of American voters consider Bidnet unfit to lead the United States

And the conservative American news portal Newsmax wrote, according to an opinion poll based on 1,000 voters, that 52 percent of respondents said Biden is unfit for the presidency because of his physical or mental condition, while 46 percent had the opposite opinion.

When asked if Biden really makes decisions in government, 39 percent said yes, while 51 percent agreed that others should take the lead instead.

On Wednesday, Ipsos released a recent poll that states

Support for the president fell by seven percentage points to a record low,

After the Islamist Taliban fighters seized power in Afghanistan the previous Sunday.

Joe BidenSource: Agence France-Presse / Nicholas Cam

Meanwhile, he wrote on the right-wing Breitbart news site that in light of developments in Afghanistan, more and more people are calling for Joe Biden’s resignation, especially among Republican members of Congress.

Representative Josh Hawley, for example, said:

Biden’s defense and foreign policy staff will have to resign over what happened, the biggest foreign policy failure since Vietnam.

He also urged an investigation into the matter and said the focus should now be on the safe evacuation of those trapped in the South Asian country as soon as possible.

His party partner, Claudia Teni, wrote on Twitter that

Because of the “reckless” withdrawal of US forces, and the mismanagement of the crisis, the president should resign.

Andy Biggs, also a Republican, took a similar view, saying that the past few days had demonstrated the incompetence of the president and vice president.

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