More than ever, they ran the Bridgestone Budaörs Half Marathon

More than ever, they ran the Bridgestone Budaörs Half Marathon


1,550 people started the Bridgestone Budaörs Half Marathon to run for the sixth time on Sunday, September 15th. Immediately, world and European champion Christoph Milak and world swimmer, as well as European champion Eva Cernovichki, Olympic and World Cup medal juggler, tried to provide spiritual support to the beginners. They claim that the supportive background and their supporters helped them the most in difficult situations. in competition a Bridgestone Nearly a hundred of its workers ran. Bridgestone is also a global partner of the Olympic Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympics, taking the sport to a force that transcends, inspires, unites and inspires.

Bridgestone, in conjunction with the Hungarian Olympic Committee, invited the athletes to a competition running around the capital, which was considered the most family friendly. In the Fan Zone, Christoph Milak and Eva Chernovsky shared their own stories of the hardships and ups and downs they faced in front of hundreds of people.

“After my heart surgery in November 2016, I won the silver medal among the adults at the World Water Championships in Budapest in July 2017. The following year, 2018, was very intense, as I graduated first, then changed associations and moved to Budapest – all in the middle of a tough competition season. And at the end of it the three gold medals at the Youth Olympics were the crowning. The cake. I feel lucky that I was able to recover quickly from all the difficulties and was able to prepare purposefully for the next race. Mainly because I am surrounded by people, so my family members, my coaches, the staff at The alliance, my management, my supporters who stand by me and support me all help me, so I just have to focus on the preparations and the competitions. This is why I encourage everyone to dare to turn to the 19-year-old world and European champion Christoph Milak and the world’s leading swimmer. Those we trust and derive their strength from their support.”

Also in the event was European champion Eva Chernovsky, our Olympic and World Cup bronze medalist, who last competed in the 48kg field at the World Olympic Qualifying Championships in Tokyo. “During my athletic career, I have never had a female role model before me, because I am the first female juggler to win an Olympic medal in Hungary. She has always carried a lot of responsibility on me, but it has also pushed me to be a woman and be successful. It helped me in the 2016 Rio Olympics when I was racing in one of the Torn thigh muscles. Three months later, I was already preparing for my next Arab, and now the fourth and the exciting Olympics await me. It is very important in an athlete’s life to be able to quickly treat the post-injury period. “At what level do we play a sport?” said Eva Chernovichki. Many people see us as a role model, and we have to build on that trust.”

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As part of its social responsibility, Bridgestone regularly sponsors major sporting events, including the Komárom-Komárno Street Run and Ultrabalaton, where Bridgestone usually starts with its own team. “As an amateur runner, I also started this half marathon, but I have fellow Bridgestone teammates who triathlon, run or swim at a high level and can be proud of their serious results,” said Katalin Karoly, Marketing Director of Bridgestone Magyarország. CFT. “What we all have in common, though, is that we sit on the floor from time to time and at times like these we need a lot of support and motivation, which thanks to Christoph and Evie, we have now recharged for a good while,” he added.

Bridgestone aims to help athletes, healthy and disabled, achieve their dreams. In support of these efforts, the company is working with more than 50 inspirational athletes and outstanding youth at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in more than 15 countries to help them on the road to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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