More than a hundred American soldiers have already arrived in Romania

More than a hundred American soldiers have already arrived in Romania

On Tuesday, he said, more than a hundred American soldiers have arrived in Romania to prepare to reinforce the forces promised by the United States. Vasily Denko defense minister.

Romanian specialists in the field of logistics are also working on the preparations. Agripress quoted Dencott as saying that the rest of the troops will arrive soon, according to the prime minister, but that there is “no specific place or date” for the arrival of US forces in Romania.

We have been preparing to deploy a multinational force for a few years now, and we have many facilities to house soldiers,

The minister indicated.

The Pentagon said last week that in the spirit of NATO membership obligations, and as part of its efforts to “deter Russian aggression,” the United States is directing about 1,000 US troops from Germany to Romania, Romanian news agency reported. He said.

Romanian newspaper Adevarul knows that a motorized rifle battalion with Stryker combat vehicles from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Battalion stationed in Welsek, Germany, will arrive in Romania. At the moment, Romanian media is only guessing where the newly arrived American forces will be deployed inside Romania.

To date, about 900 US soldiers are stationed in Romania at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Force Base near Constanta on the Black Sea coast near Constanta, at Devsalun in southern Romania, which hosts US missile shield facilities, and at the MQ military airfield in Aranyusgir. Adivarol recalls, as they brought MQ Reaper drones.


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