More than 45,000 coronaviruses infected with black fungus in India

More than 45,000 coronaviruses infected with black fungus in India

More than 45,000 black fungal infections have been reported in India in the past two months, according to a summary issued by the authorities. Fifty percent of fatal fungal infections are among Covid-19 patients.

Health Minister Bharati Praveen Bavar, also known as “black fungus”, said more than 4,200 people died from a disease caused by mucosal mycosis (mucosal mycosis or mold infection) affecting the stomach, intestines or lungs, benefiting from a weakened immune system. .

Because of the severe fungal infection, surgeons are forced to remove the eyes, nose, and jaw of some patients to prevent the infection from penetrating the brain. According to the government, most of the cases were reported from Maharashtra, which numbered 9,348.

In India, only twenty cases of mucosal disease were reported a year before the epidemic of Covid-19, the disease that mainly occurs in patients with immunosuppression, hypertension, AIDS and organ transplants.

Experts say the increase in mold infections is caused by the steroid combination used to treat Covid-19 patients.

In May, when the number of infected people began to increase, the Indian government declared an epidemic of mold. According to government data, the months of May and June had the highest number of infections, followed by a staggering decrease.

According to India’s English-language Hindustan Times, the disease has begun to spread among children in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan.


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