More than 13 million vaccines are injected in the European Union

More than 13 million vaccines are injected in the European Union

According to the ECDC, 10.7% of the European Union population received at least the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, while the second dose reached an average of 4.2% of the population. On both sides, Hungary is above the EU average: 17.9 percent of the population received the first dose and 5.3 percent received the second dose.

Malta (18.3 percent and 8.1 percent), Estonia (14.1 percent and 5 percent) with a population just over half a million, Estonia (14.1 percent and 5 percent) and Finland (13.6 percent and 5 percent) Cent), Cyprus 1.2 million) and Cyprus (1.2.8% and 4.9%).

Iceland, Malta, Ireland and Finland are the most vaccinated in the under 80 age group, while Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and France are the best vaccinated in the 70-79 age group. In the case of the 60-69 age group, Hungary is also ahead, ahead of Estonia, Greece and Finland. Among those aged 50-59, Malta is followed by Hungary, followed by Estonia and Denmark. The classification was based on the number of citizens who received their first dose, in proportion to the population.

According to data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Hungary has so far received 2562,000 doses of the vaccine; She used 73 percent of this, 1,870,018 doses. Italy, Lithuania, Denmark, and Estonia have the best use of the resulting vaccines.

As for the population, Hungary received the largest number of vaccinations: 31.8 doses of the vaccine per 100 adults (over 18 years of age). Hungary follows Cyprus (23.9 shares per 100 inhabitants), Estonia (22.5 shares per 100 inhabitants) and Ireland (21.7 shares per 100 inhabitants).

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