More offers released for iPhone 14 Pro

More offers released for iPhone 14 Pro

The new photos show a tablet-like cutout rather than a notch.

Earlier, analyst Ross Young shared his prediction for the iPhone 14 production line, saying that the next generation of smartphones will be unveiled this fall. He thinks they can get cut out of the notch and the tablet.

The 91 mobiles Thanks to us, we learned what the design selected by the analyst might look like in reality, and we have to say that the end result was very satisfactory.

It was previously said that the Face ID sensor would be located under the screen, so there would only be one hole on the screen, but that idea was quickly discarded, as Such technology requires a complete changewhich Apple may not want to achieve in terms of cost-effectiveness.

The display also features a Lightning connector, which is odd because the next generation of iPhones are rumored to either have a USB-C port or omit the wires entirely, not to mention a physical SIM-to-digital eSIM. It can be replaced.

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