More foreigners can come to Hungary to work, notary fees reduced - 7 new government decisions

More foreigners can come to Hungary to work, notary fees reduced – 7 new government decisions

On Wednesday, the government discussed the latest proposals from the Operations Court and approved seven of them. After the last six points, we have now adopted seven new pieces of legislation, Péter Szijjártó began his report. This will help the Hungarian economy take off quickly, he said. The goal is to achieve 5.5% growth this year, he said, so we have to struggle every day because we are not competing alone.

The specific measures are:

  1. The first two measures will help the influx of skilled labor into the country and increase employment opportunities. It allows the government Third country workers who are not neighbors must come to Hungary on a temporary basis, as well as through temporary employment Under strict conditions, the government creates a qualified pool of temporary employees.
  2. in the future a wage subsidies create job opportunities for companies without any other bureaucratic restrictions or obligations; In order to hire registered job seekers. With this, the government helps the rapid recruitment of the unemployed.
  3. a Small and medium-sized companies They have more and more access to credit, so they have more and more work with notaries. So in order to avoid this being too stressful The documentation fee for the loans and grants they request will be halved.
  4. Also decided the operational pressure of Reduce archaeological costs associated with investment. In many cases, when major investments were made in Hungary, these investments were delayed for months by archaeological excavations, and cost a lot of money, deteriorating Hungary’s competitiveness. These investment costs have increased, and now they are limited by the government, the government will reduce these costs significantly.
  5. Eximbank like this Preferential Investment Loan Program Under which Hungarian companies can buy foreign companies. Hungarian export companies can purchase their international suppliers or customers, or other foreign companies, and acquire shares. To do this, they can get low-interest loans from Exim.
  6. The Eximbank is an environmentally friendly financing program It will be a low interest investment loan for companies that also prioritize environmental protection, environmental awareness and sustainability in their investments.
  7. We also offer such satisfaction At Eximbank, which makes export guarantee cheaper.
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The head of the ministry explained that the goal is to increase the competitiveness of Hungarian companies and for the largest possible number of Hungarians to find work and for the Hungarian economy to grow by 5.5% this year as safely as possible. decisions.

We wrote here about the previous decisions of the operational court responsible for the resumption of economic life:

The full video can be watched here:

Cover photo: Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Silaković (J) receives Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Petr Sijarto in Belgrade on July 8, 2021, accompanied by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Source: MTI / Zoltan Máthé

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