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More details about Trader Dollars + Video

More details about Trader Dollars + Video

However, Kourani must have been aware that the leftist opposition was receiving help with millions of dollars coming from America – this is clear from the aforementioned videos. Korani, who until recently was Gergely Karacsony's diplomat, said publicly in a recording that they boldly criticize leaders like Viktor Orban, Poland's Jaroslaw Kaczynski, or former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, whom he described only as authoritarian.

They didn't want to advertise

Moreover, Kourani also directly admitted, according to the registration testimony, that they knew that, with the support of progressive civic organizations, they were actually putting the leftist political forces in the opposition in a position. “We are very brave in criticism. We support civil society organizations on the ground, civil society organizations that are often very critical of these governments,” the A4D director says in the recording, before his interviewer asks him whether the supported NGOs support the opposition.

Well, we'd never say that. We do not say that, nor do we advertise it

“After all, we can reasonably guess that they are probably playing into the hands of the opposition,” Kourani answers, adding shortly afterwards: “Yes.” The confession of Gergely Karacsony's former chief advisor is also interesting because he stated in 2022 in a Facebook post that “we did nothing but try to boost the immune system of the galactic community, of civilians, by our own means.” Likewise, he wanted to avoid suspicion of illegal campaign financing, even as A4D wrote in its statement:

Kourani's explanation echoed the arguments of the opposition candidate for prime minister, Peter Markzei, who claimed after the election that nearly 2 billion forints, which was classified as an NGO, was spent on “changing culture” and not on “changing culture.” In an election campaign received from the United States. However, the videos uploaded on the X interface not only highlighted this slippage from the opposition and A4D. It also emerged that, despite their previous claims, the dollars in circulation were not raised by Hungarians living in America making “small donations”, but by György Soros himself, through the organization of David Koranyi, the election campaign of the Hungarian left. This was independently confirmed by two people close to György Soros, A4D advisory board members Katie Marton and General Wesley Clark, in a conversation.

They have kept a secret who the main sponsor is

Recently published recordings also revealed that Korani Davidik built the support system specifically through their American organization in such a way that they did not have to reveal the names of supporters.

“We are a 501-(C)(4) in the United States, which means we don't have to list names, and we don't have to list the names of our donors.”

– Gergely Karacsony, former chief advisor, bragged about the good standing of his elected organization in a video. Based on the constantly circulating recordings that have already raised a lot of dust in many countries, it now appears that all the main allegations of the opposition, through which it tried to escape accusations of illegal foreign financing of election campaigns, have now been dropped. curiousity:

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In an interview the other day, Peter Markey himself actually said so.

In addition, their argument, which has been repeated for many years, that Giorgi Soros was not behind them, has also become untenable. However, the mysterious videos posted in America still contain a lot of internationally relevant information about how the billionaire speculator is trying to influence political processes in some countries.

Cover photo: David Kourani (left), former advisor to Gergely Karacsony, one of the main figures in the left-linked dollar scandal (Source: Facebook)

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