More classified documents have been found in Joe Biden’s garage

The White House announced this week that the US Department of Justice is investigating several “classified” documents that were found in President Joe Biden’s pre-state office at the University of Pennsylvania in November.

Biden admitted Thursday that a classified document was found in the “private library” of his home in Wilmington, and several other documents were also found in his garage. The documents date back to the Biden era as vice president.

He stressed that the White House is cooperating fully with the Justice Department’s investigation into how sensitive records arrived at his private residence and former office in Washington. According to Sauber, the Justice Department was immediately notified of the new documents, which were turned over to the ministry’s attorneys.

Meanwhile, US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that he had appointed an independent special prosecutor in the person of Robert Hoare to conduct the investigation into the documents.

Garland justified the decision in the public interest, adding that Hoare was also authorized to investigate whether a “natural or legal person” was in violation of the law.

The issue of documents found in former Biden’s office parallels the fact that thousands of official documents were found in Donald Trump’s Florida property, but the former president had no intention of returning them despite the archive’s request. In the end, he handed over 15 boxes of documents to the archives, which contained more than 100 classified documents. The case was transferred to the Department of Justice, and investigators also visited the Florida estate, where they took a few dozen more documents. Trump’s associates stated that there were no more classified documents left on the estate. Despite this, an additional 13,000 documents were found in the home during a home search in August, of which about 100 were designated top secret.

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Cover photo credit: MTI / Patrick Semansky

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