More and more election fraud is being exposed in the United States

The song “Go Your Way, Jack” was sung by Democratic sympathizers who have already celebrated the victory of the 77-year-old politician.

Biden supporters put on a dance music show despite the fact that vote counting still occurs in several states. Voting is currently taking place in Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, 1,700 letters reappear, which postal workers have now found. So Republicans have appealed to the Supreme Court not to consider the late votes.

A judge rejected the case, but he ordered it Separate these sounds.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, Trump supporters protested the election fraud. In the state, Trump lost more than 10% advantage from Wednesday to Friday due to the vote on letters after the evaluation.

Joe Biden was confident that the counters in Pennsylvania would announce his victory in the state Friday night and could announce his victory in the election. Still, the pool of votes continues, but Biden – just as in recent days – has now voiced the Democrats’ victory.

Trump demands full transparency

Donald Trump demands full election transparency. The president put it this way: he will use all possible legal means.

The head of the Republican National Committee also spoke about his exposure to many irregularities in the electoral process. In Michigan, for example, Republicans have been barred from observing the vote count.

So the Republican Party created a fund to finance legal battles. The Trump campaign team has filed lawsuits in several states over the election process.

In Gerogia, which has 16 electoral votes, the votes are definitely rechecked.

Joe Biden currently has 264 voters, while Donald Trump has 214. Winning requires 270.

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If Trump wins in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona, he could become president for another 4 years.

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