More and more countries are making vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers

More and more countries are making vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers

As Europe struggles with the increasing number of coronavirus cases caused by the delta variant, many countries are making vaccinations mandatory for healthcare workers, and some leaders are even considering making vaccinations mandatory for all.

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France and Greece announced new vaccination requirements on Monday – following in Italy’s footsteps – making vaccinations mandatory for healthcare workers in April.

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that health workers, domestic workers and those working with vulnerable and vulnerable patients in France must be vaccinated by September 15. Health Minister Olivier Veran on LCI TV after Macron announced that Unvaccinated health workers will be prevented from going to work and will not be paid after the September deadline.

Also on Monday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that vaccination is required for nursing home employees, which will come into effect immediately. Naysayers will be suspended from August 16, and vaccinations will be mandatory for all health workers and health sector workers from September. And also add that Until the end of August, only those vaccinated will be able to visit covered commercial areas, such as bars, theaters and cinemas, CNN.

The United Kingdom, which is relaxing its coronavirus measures despite strong warnings from experts, is planning to introduce a vaccination obligation for staff of nursing homes from October.

Although Macron mentioned making the coronavirus vaccine mandatory, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, on Tuesday, that the German government decided not to make vaccinations mandatory, Adding that he still thinks a lot of people want to be vaccinated.

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However, not all healthcare workers are happy with the move. In Italy, several court cases were raised that many did not want to be vaccinated. A petition against a plan to make vaccination mandatory in the UK has resulted in more than 72,000 people signing up.

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