More and more color films –

According to many, stuffing geese is cruelty to animals, but you can shove anything down people’s throats. As is well known, Netflix has been filling its shows with rainbow publicity lately — including content for children also.

But we, adults, can also feel the smell of poltergeist more strongly from the screen, where producers almost compulsively fill their films with “awakened” Western expectations in the name of sensibility and dirtiness. The fact that women are replacing typical male characters in the films, plus the fact that actors of all major races are cast, and that black actors are slowly playing colonial slave owners.

But why should every man sleep with a man?

I get that this is how they try to make it sound normal, which is different than it is, but at the same time they create the false impression that the world is full of queer, queer, transgender and other people who profess to be different – but at least as if there are half as many of their heterosexual counterparts. Different, but they are not!


Their series Sandman, for example, is predictably full of gay scenes, trans characters, and even pedophiles are included in the show. Of course, in the end, the bad guys will get the punishment they deserve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a movie called “Love Is Love” slowly comes out (“Love is Love”).love is love”), under the “love” in the direction of minors, regardless of the age difference.

Of course, you don’t have to watch it, but if you’re interested in a new movie or series, it’s practically inevitable that I’ll show you overrated, often LGBTQ-forced content – in often good shows.

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I just don’t understand where are the physically and mentally handicapped actors in this massive mess?

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