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Back in February 2022, Amazon Appstore public beta was launched on Windows 11. Initially, users can only access about 50 Android apps, but after some restrictions are lifted, now users can access thousands of Android apps.

Microsoft announced today that a change is coming to the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11. The company now allows any developer with an Amazon Appstore Developer account to submit an app for Windows 11 distribution. Accordingly, Windows 11 users will likely see a large number of Android apps available for download.

As mentioned earlier, when the App Store became publicly available, there were only about 50 Android apps compatible with Windows 11. Later on, Microsoft increased this number to more than 20,000 apps. Currently, Amazon’s App Store is said to have more than 50,000 Android apps, but they won’t be available right away.

Before these apps are ready to run on Windows, developers must submit their applications for testing. To make the process easier, Microsoft has provided guides on how to make your apps compatible with Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). These guides focus on changing the original window size and layout to accommodate different layouts.

Currently, the Amazon Appstore is available in 31 countries across nine markets. These include the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Store users will now receive AI-generated review summaries that summarize customer reviews and highlight key details.


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