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Mordái’s new album + video can only be listened to at certain coordinates

Mordái’s new album + video can only be listened to at certain coordinates

In 2020, the six-piece Mordái released their first highly successful LP, which was also presented at the Eurosonic Festival, considered an important starting point in the European context. Since then, the group has gone through several member changes, and the alum’s music world was greatly affected by the fact that the new members (Márton Csernovszky – bass guitar, Ágoston Szabó-Sipos – drums, Dániel Varga – saxophone) began writing songs, and the end result became a mix From six different musical identities. Musically, this is also a big change compared to the first album, where it was fed by Muzsikás repertoire, Soma Nóvé, Mordái’s frontman and musical mentor, now selects popular songs from a much wider palette.

I talked to many folk musicians, Laszlo Bortelecki, for example, showed me archive recordings from cassette tapes, but I also listened to Új Pátria’s huge collection of folk music. Our music is authentic in that it treats folk music’s heritage with honesty and respect, but at the same time wants to be innovative

Soma Noveh tells us.

Mordái tries to fuse things with folk music traditions that aren’t necessarily culturally related at many points, but they experiment a lot with how the two can create an interesting and exciting fusion, but at the same time authentic. This innovative intention was not only seen in the songs this time around: until December, instead of the usual streaming platforms, A.J website You can listen to articles in different parts of the country. You don’t need anything other than a smartphone and an activated GPS. Exact locations are displayed on a map, and an album becomes available when the appropriate coordinates are reached. The only constant stop is Normafa, with whom Soma has a special bond.

I have a kind of ritual for every recording: When the sound engineer, Máté Gál, sends the material, I always go up to Normafa with the cogwheel and listen to it there for the first time. This is important to me, because I can focus on this in peace, giving way. This gave rise to an idea of ​​what it would be like if others listened to her in this way, it seemed like an exciting experience

He says.

The undisguised intent of the special promotion is to take the listener out a bit from the usual forms of music consumption, and to create a kind of bridge between the real and the real.

“Rapid digital consumption is becoming more and more intense, and I directly feel that the more time I spend in front of a screen, the worse my mood will become. If everything could be accessed virtually, I started thinking about how we could use this to get people out of it and experience the real concept.” The whole thing is a plus game and I’m interested in the experience the students have. Everything also has a treasure hunt feel to it.”

In addition, they wanted to start a dialogue with the geolocation game, because in addition to Normafa, they asked the audience to suggest rural or outdoor locations. In this way, people can also discover new and exciting sites through tweaks.

Therefore, the “treasure hunt” has been going on since October 22 in Normafa and in other locations suggested by the public. The lom album that fell into my eyes is available on the usual digital platforms only from December, which will also be celebrated with a record show.

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Cover photo: Morday (Photo: Martin Wanda)

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